How To Trust The Universe & Develop Pronoia

2nd April 2017

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What is pronoia? It is the belief that the whole Universe is conspiring in your favor, for your highest good, growth & evolution.

The first thing to understand here is that everything in existence, you , me, the animals, the trees, the Earth, the Sun & the stars are all connected to each other in such a beautiful way that if can be expressed in poetry and art and explained through science as well. After the acceptance and understanding of this simple fact we come to realize that each and every scenario that plays out in our lives, be it a negative scenario or a positive scenario, is a part of us. And it is up to us if we want to own that part of us or run away from it.

A few years ago,  before my awakening, I did not know about pronoia and I did not know that the Universe was working in my own favor. The negative situations at that time would get me into the vibration of anger, sadness and judgement and the positive scenarios would get me in the scenarios would get me in the vibration of happiness and excitement. This is a very ormal way to react when a human being thinks that the outside world is happening to them, that’s why they are reacting.

Now that I’ve understood that nothing is happening to me, it is happening through me and for me, for facilitating my highest growth, my life has completely changed. It is all an attitude that you have towards life, it is all about what kind of a space you create within yourself for what is happening outside of you.

We literally have just two choices in any given situation. The first is to trust the Universe, find the lessons we have to learn, let go of trying to control the situation, find the silver lining and have faith in the unfolding of this mystery called life. The second choice is to give into fear, to fight the situation, be angry and be all like nothing is working out for me. As conscious co creators on this free will planet, the choice is eternally ours, and that is our power as human beings. Watch the full video:

How to Let Go of SELF DOUBT – 10 Simple Ways

29th January 2017

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I have to sometimes remind myself of the things that I’m going to share with you in this blog post because every now and then I go through self doubt as well, I’m not perfect. Through the years I’ve recognised my patterns & I realise that I externalise my power a lot and I have a fear of judgement too, this is where most of my self doubt comes from. Here I am going to share 10 things that I do to tell my inner critic to chill out!


  1. Stop trying to make everyone happy: Because you simply can’t. Some people will love you and some will hate you, accept that and move forward. The only thing that matters is that you truly love and accept yourself 100%. Know that if youre coming from a place of love, you are enough in each and every moment.
  2. Meditate: Meditation brings you into the present moment and makes you aware of your own thoughts & emotions. If these thoughts and emotions are putting you down & not serving your highest good, let them go. Most self-doubt comes from a disconnection from your own being, breathe in deeply and get connected.
  3. Celebrate success: Your success, my success, everyone’s success. If you’re happy for other people’s achievements you send that energy into the universe and more comes back to you. Turn the jealousy into inspiration and anxiety into excitement, like an alchemy.
  4. Nurture your passions: Everyone is unique and everyone has things that they are good at. Your passions are not random, they are your calling. Find them, learn about them, create with them, fail, learn more, create more, succeed.
  5. Critics: There are two kinds of critics in everyones life. The first type are the ones who find fault in each and everything you do, they are mostly people who are jealous of you & they themselves can’t do what you are doing. Let go of these people ASAP. The second kind are the ones that want you to become a better version of yourself as they see great potential in you. They are your biggest critics and supporters at the same time.
  6. Find your voice: If you want to truly grow in this life, find the things that you’re passionate about and share them with world. Don’t worry if you feel that you are weird, accept yourself 100% and own your weirdness.
  7. Stop comparison: Everyone has had totally different past life & this life experiences, so there’s no point in comparing your journey to anyone else’s. Focus on your own self and how you can make yourself better than you were yesterday.
  8. Trust the universe: The universe, God, your higher self, whatever you want to call it, has a plan for you. You might understand it right now but you eventually will. The secret is to let go of control and develop an attitude of pronoia which is that each and everything happening in your life is occurring for your own highest growth and that the universe is conspiring in your favour.
  9. Change your perception of failure: You never truly fail, you just take one step towards your final goal. You either win or you learn, you only fail if you stop trying.
  10. Work on yourself everyday: The biggest secret towards self development is that you are work in progress and a master piece at the same time. Find out areas in your life that you need working on and take step towards them everyday.

Never compete with anyone else because you simply can’t, everyone is in a league of their own and the only person you can compare yourself to is your own past self.

Honouring Individuality with Oneness and Understanding Co-Creation Through The String Theory

27th January 2017

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Each and every person, animal, place, situation, and timeline of Earth is connected to the Earth itself energetically. We are made up the same elements which are the water(emotions), earth(body), fire(soul), air(breath) and ether(spirit). We are all experiencers and no experience is better or worse than any.

We are connected with each other through three main chakras, the root chakra, the heart chakra and the third eye chakra. The root chakra says ‘I trust’, it is the instinctual chakra. The heart chakra says, ‘I feel’ the same emotions as you, and the third eye/crown chakra says ‘I understand’ that we are connected. We always keep giving and receiving energies to and from people and our environment. It is our choice as conscious entities to choose what kind of energy we want to receive and what we want to give off.

In order to truly understand a person you need to have an open heart and an open mind. An open heart will allow you to understand where the person in front of you is coming from and what their true viewpoint is and an open mind will allow you to truly understand their unique perspective.

With having a mind also comes the aspect of core beliefs and subconscious programming which can be different for different people. For creating the most authentic life you need to meditate and align yourself to the truth of your heart.

Let’s understand co-creation through the string theory. Each and every person lives in their own personal Universe and this whole Cosmos comprises of each and every Universe making up a huge multiverse. Each and every Universe consists of all the things that did happen, all the possibilities in all moments of time that could’ve happened in the past and that could happen in the future. Each and every individual chooses their personal journey with the frequencies of their thoughts and emotions.

Whatever thoughts and emotions we give out through our consciousness create a ripple effect in the entire Universe and change the reality that we experience.

How Exactly We Are All One

27th January 2017

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We are all sparks of the same eternal flame of consciousness concentrated into a human form and we experience reality as if we are separate from each other. We all are basically the same consciousness looking at each other from different space/times.

We as conscious individual entities experience a Universe which is a vibrational match to the quality of thoughts and emotions that we give out. Each and every person that you meet and each and every situation that you experience are at the same vibrational frequency that you have shifted to through your thoughts ad emotions, there are no exceptions to this rule, this is science at a quantum level.

Whatever you do to another you’re actually doing to yourself, because in reality there is no another, only you experiencing different experiences from different perspectives. That is why I’m vegan, because I don’t want to kill myself. Since the time I started meditating I’ve started the whole Universe in each and every living being’s eyes and I can never un-see that.

There is no one collective future that all of us have to go through. There are two extremes of Earth futures that are at our disposal right now. One is peaceful and love filled where all your dreams come true, the other is fearful and full of wars and destruction. Both these experiences are valid and whichever experience our soul needs and feels is the best one for the soul’s growth is exactly what we’re going to experience.

So stop blaming your Government or the media or the Illuminati for the problems in your world because you have a choice and you always have a choice to change and shift into whichever reality you feel is the best for you.

Life Is A Perspective, And I Respect All Of Them

26th January 2017

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This moment we are living in, does not simply come and go. It is the only moment that ever was, and that will ever be, everything exists right now. The past and the future is a construct of our mind, as is the present.

This year 2017, has always been here and will always be here in the linear timeline of Earth, we just chose to be present at this time at this place. The Universe did not start with a big bang like we are told it did, it started with a consciousness, an observer of the moment. And in that moment lay the whole Universe.

We all live in our bodies as two perspectives, one is the experiencer of the experiences (ego self) and the other is the observer of the experiences (higher self). Our society in today’s times is familiar with the first perspective and many live their whole lives as the small ‘me’. Mindfulness meditation is the perfect way to start looking at life from a higher perspective. It is when you sit in meditation and simply observe your thoughts, do not judge them or be attached to them, simple be in the moment and witness the ego self. The biggest problem we have is we start judging everything that comes in our way into a label: good or evil, right or wrong, black or white. When in truth we have to understand that everything that has existence has a polarity and that every point of view of the divine is justified because everything just is.

I have learnt my lesson and stopped worrying about many of my fellow humans as they have billions over trillions of lifetimes to exist here and experience the higher order and the evolution. I have stopped taking in the negativity as an empath and started shielding my aura (electro-magnetic field) to protect the Universe and the Divine inside of me and accepting all of life’s perspectives as is.