How To Transform Past Hurts Into Gold

3rd April 2017

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We all have hurt someone and been hurt by someone in the past, it’s an inevitable part of the human journey. You might have been hurt by your girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, colleague, boss or even a random person on the road or on the internet. This might have even been physical abuse but here I’m going to talk about the emotional and mental aspects of the human consciousness, even though all these parts of the human psyche are connected.

There are two types of people who hurt other people, ones are who consciously know that they hurt you and they stand up and apologize for acting like a moron. The second type are the people who are consciously and subconsciously repressing or suppressing the fact that they hurt you & they are afraid to face the reality of the situation. If someone has apologized for hurting you, it’s easier for for you and also the other person to move forward from the situation. But if the much awaited apology was not received, then what do you?

FORGIVE: The first step to transform past hurts into gold is to forgive the person that hurt you, forgive yourself for being hurt & forgive the situation in which you were hurt. How do you forgive? By understanding that we are all human beings and nobody is perfect, if someone was perfect they won’t have to come to this earth school to learn and evolve. Why forgive? For youe won mental and emotional health.

CONFRONTATION: It’s very important to speak up what is in your heart and express how you truly feel. Come from a place of understanding and love instead of a place of anger and judgement.

PERSPECTIVES: It’s important to understand that no two people are thinking and feeling the same way about the same situation because we have different and unique perspectives and points of views towards any given situation. Maybe the person that hurt you didn’t have the mental resources at that time to understand and comprehend the situation at that time. Maybe they were emotionally hardened and too much in their ego to realize the way that they hurt you. And maybe they themselves were hurting and were projecting their own past hurts onto you.

WHAT DID YOU GAIN: As yourself this question. You might have lost a friend or a loved one, but what did you learn? Maybe you learnt something new about the human psyche, human emotional processes, whatever it is write it down and be thankful. The greatest growth really comes from from our biggest heartbreaks & perceived negative situations.

EMOTIONAL UNDERSTANDING: What are your emotions telling you today? Because they are your own personal spidey sense, listen to them. If you feel like crying, cry, if you feel anger, let in out. In order to live with our emotions for our whole life we need to find ways to transform negative emotions into their own positive polarities. There are beautiful ways to express anger in beautiful and pasionate ways: Turn it into art! Make a painting, wirte a song or a poem, go workout. So that when you confront the person that hurt you, you can do that in a calm and mellow way and not try to stoop down to their level and hurt them back.

Watch the video for my in depth analysis:

How to Let Go of SELF DOUBT – 10 Simple Ways

29th January 2017

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I have to sometimes remind myself of the things that I’m going to share with you in this blog post because every now and then I go through self doubt as well, I’m not perfect. Through the years I’ve recognised my patterns & I realise that I externalise my power a lot and I have a fear of judgement too, this is where most of my self doubt comes from. Here I am going to share 10 things that I do to tell my inner critic to chill out!


  1. Stop trying to make everyone happy: Because you simply can’t. Some people will love you and some will hate you, accept that and move forward. The only thing that matters is that you truly love and accept yourself 100%. Know that if youre coming from a place of love, you are enough in each and every moment.
  2. Meditate: Meditation brings you into the present moment and makes you aware of your own thoughts & emotions. If these thoughts and emotions are putting you down & not serving your highest good, let them go. Most self-doubt comes from a disconnection from your own being, breathe in deeply and get connected.
  3. Celebrate success: Your success, my success, everyone’s success. If you’re happy for other people’s achievements you send that energy into the universe and more comes back to you. Turn the jealousy into inspiration and anxiety into excitement, like an alchemy.
  4. Nurture your passions: Everyone is unique and everyone has things that they are good at. Your passions are not random, they are your calling. Find them, learn about them, create with them, fail, learn more, create more, succeed.
  5. Critics: There are two kinds of critics in everyones life. The first type are the ones who find fault in each and everything you do, they are mostly people who are jealous of you & they themselves can’t do what you are doing. Let go of these people ASAP. The second kind are the ones that want you to become a better version of yourself as they see great potential in you. They are your biggest critics and supporters at the same time.
  6. Find your voice: If you want to truly grow in this life, find the things that you’re passionate about and share them with world. Don’t worry if you feel that you are weird, accept yourself 100% and own your weirdness.
  7. Stop comparison: Everyone has had totally different past life & this life experiences, so there’s no point in comparing your journey to anyone else’s. Focus on your own self and how you can make yourself better than you were yesterday.
  8. Trust the universe: The universe, God, your higher self, whatever you want to call it, has a plan for you. You might understand it right now but you eventually will. The secret is to let go of control and develop an attitude of pronoia which is that each and everything happening in your life is occurring for your own highest growth and that the universe is conspiring in your favour.
  9. Change your perception of failure: You never truly fail, you just take one step towards your final goal. You either win or you learn, you only fail if you stop trying.
  10. Work on yourself everyday: The biggest secret towards self development is that you are work in progress and a master piece at the same time. Find out areas in your life that you need working on and take step towards them everyday.

Never compete with anyone else because you simply can’t, everyone is in a league of their own and the only person you can compare yourself to is your own past self.

How To Talk To God

27th January 2017

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God is not some entity that is in the idols in temples or in churches, God is an emotion in your heart. God is Love, which is the highest frequency that you can experience. God is everything in existence.

You can access this highest frequency through your own body. Take a notepad and a pen or a laptop and a blank document and start writing whatever comes to your mind, it could even be a feeling that you might be able to translate into words. When you start doing this just don’t analyse what is being written, just go with the flow until you write 2-3 pages (or whenever feels right).

When you read what you’ve written you will find a pattern or two subjective entities talking. One will write a sentence like “I’m not understanding why this is happening to me”, and the other will be like “You should try doing XYZ”. This is our own higher self talking to us through our own self.

This seems like a simple exercise but this really works, try it and you’ll be fascinated!

10 Ways For Feeling Comfortable In Your Own Skin!

27th January 2017

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There was this time in my life when I hated being in my body so much that I wanted to kill myself. I was short, fat, had braces, was an introverted shy kid and as you can imagine I was bullied a lot. Bullies are nothing but helpless children that were not treated with love and respect in their own homes that’s why they take out their anger and negative emotions onto helpless little kids. I have no grudges against my bullies because they were the ones that made me grow the most. And their hate was what I transformed into unconditional love for myself.

I have gathered 10 simple ways that you can use to feel comfortable in your own skin and love yourself, just the way you are:

1. Change Your Perspective: Instead of focusing on what you don’t have or what you don’t like about yourself, focus on the things that you do have and start loving those qualities about yourself. Note down these things in a diary and read them every now and then. Whatever you focus on grown.

2. Practising Acceptance and Improvement: Understand where you are at in your life and accept that to yourself. After that make a plan where you want to reach and how you are going to get there.

3. Compliment Yourself: Whenever you look yourself in the mirror, give yourself a compliment, it really and truly helps.

4. Meditate: Practice mindfulness meditation everyday and you will figure out the kind of thought patterns that you have in your mind about yourself so that you can heal them.

5. Practice Self Confidence: It’s one thing to have self confidence, it’s another to practice it everyday. Go and communicate with people. Do things that scare you like getting up and talking to a complete stranger, when you face your fears with an open heart they have no other choice but to vanish.

6. Take Care of Your Body: Eat good food that nourishes your body and soul. Put some kind of physical activity in your everyday routine like yoga or running so that you can come back into your body instead of running around in your brain.

7. Find Passions and Interests: Find qualities about yourself that are not physical and explore your horizons. Invest in your passions and hobbies, learn all that you can about these passions and hobbies.

8. Smile and Laugh More: Laughter is truly the best medicine. Smile at people that you see in the markets and on the streets, smiles are free, but contagious.

9. Honour Yourself: Honour and respect yourself as a divine being of light that is living a temporary human incarnation and always see yourself in that light.

10. Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People: No two people have had the same journey in this life or even before this life. No two people are the same in any way and comparing yourself to another human being is the biggest disrespect you can do to your soul. Only compare yourself to your past self.

How To Be In A Relationship With Yourself For Self Exploration!

27th January 2017

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I was pulled towards creating this video as 3 of my girlfriends had broken up on the same day and I wanted to inspire them to spend some time knowing and understanding themselves better.

At the time I made this video I was single and I had been working on my inner female and male energies since two years. I delved deep into my own consciousness and got my right brain married to my left brain and my brain married to my heart. This inner soul alchemy can be achieved in a human being through meditation, research and simply existing in the ‘unconditional love and acceptance’ vibration. When this is achieved, you are an individual that is whole within himself/herself, and then they attract a relationship with a person that is whole within themselves.


If instead you run off in the direction of a new relationship with another person without balancing your own energies, you will manifest a relationship that is vibrating at your current vibration. Most relationships work on a mutual aspect of give and take, which by the end ends up in one person being the ultimate giver and the other being the taker. Relationships on a human level are designed so that they mirror us and show us the aspects of ourselves that are to be worked on.

So if you’ve recently broken up I would suggest you to take some time, heal yourself, go on a journey of inner discovery and I promise you will manifest a relationship that leads to mutual growth and understanding instead of dependence.