How To Transform Past Hurts Into Gold

3rd April 2017

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We all have hurt someone and been hurt by someone in the past, it’s an inevitable part of the human journey. You might have been hurt by your girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, colleague, boss or even a random person on the road or on the internet. This might have even been physical abuse but here I’m going to talk about the emotional and mental aspects of the human consciousness, even though all these parts of the human psyche are connected.

There are two types of people who hurt other people, ones are who consciously know that they hurt you and they stand up and apologize for acting like a moron. The second type are the people who are consciously and subconsciously repressing or suppressing the fact that they hurt you & they are afraid to face the reality of the situation. If someone has apologized for hurting you, it’s easier for for you and also the other person to move forward from the situation. But if the much awaited apology was not received, then what do you?

FORGIVE: The first step to transform past hurts into gold is to forgive the person that hurt you, forgive yourself for being hurt & forgive the situation in which you were hurt. How do you forgive? By understanding that we are all human beings and nobody is perfect, if someone was perfect they won’t have to come to this earth school to learn and evolve. Why forgive? For youe won mental and emotional health.

CONFRONTATION: It’s very important to speak up what is in your heart and express how you truly feel. Come from a place of understanding and love instead of a place of anger and judgement.

PERSPECTIVES: It’s important to understand that no two people are thinking and feeling the same way about the same situation because we have different and unique perspectives and points of views towards any given situation. Maybe the person that hurt you didn’t have the mental resources at that time to understand and comprehend the situation at that time. Maybe they were emotionally hardened and too much in their ego to realize the way that they hurt you. And maybe they themselves were hurting and were projecting their own past hurts onto you.

WHAT DID YOU GAIN: As yourself this question. You might have lost a friend or a loved one, but what did you learn? Maybe you learnt something new about the human psyche, human emotional processes, whatever it is write it down and be thankful. The greatest growth really comes from from our biggest heartbreaks & perceived negative situations.

EMOTIONAL UNDERSTANDING: What are your emotions telling you today? Because they are your own personal spidey sense, listen to them. If you feel like crying, cry, if you feel anger, let in out. In order to live with our emotions for our whole life we need to find ways to transform negative emotions into their own positive polarities. There are beautiful ways to express anger in beautiful and pasionate ways: Turn it into art! Make a painting, wirte a song or a poem, go workout. So that when you confront the person that hurt you, you can do that in a calm and mellow way and not try to stoop down to their level and hurt them back.

Watch the video for my in depth analysis:

Respecting People & Their Perspectives

27th January 2017

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We live in a world with over 7 billion perspectives and points of views. These perspectives come into play because of the different life experiences and journeys that we all have gone through. Until we learn to accept those points of views of each and everyone we can’t really go towards world peace.

Sometimes we judge people that we don’t even personally know and it’s a very human thing have perceptions and presumptions of people that we come into contact with. When we hear about a terrorist or a murderer we automatically go into this state of fear and judgement, when we don’t even know what they’ve been through since the time they were born. By this I’m in no way taking the side of a criminal and saying that what they do is justified, I just want to know that what could a human child go through that pushed them into this direction of killing and hurting other people.

Human psychology is something that really fascinates me and it even blows up my mind sometimes. When I’m in my counselling sessions and my clients come to me with fascinating stories of their lives which are sometimes awe inspiring and sometimes scary, I can’t respond to them in a judgemental manner and tell them if they are doing ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ it’s all about understanding where they are coming from and finding a solution respecting that.

The more you practice acceptance for all that is, just the way it is, the more the outside world starts becoming authentic. Giving unconditional love to a person gives them the permission to express them 100%.

Life Is A Perspective, And I Respect All Of Them

26th January 2017

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This moment we are living in, does not simply come and go. It is the only moment that ever was, and that will ever be, everything exists right now. The past and the future is a construct of our mind, as is the present.

This year 2017, has always been here and will always be here in the linear timeline of Earth, we just chose to be present at this time at this place. The Universe did not start with a big bang like we are told it did, it started with a consciousness, an observer of the moment. And in that moment lay the whole Universe.

We all live in our bodies as two perspectives, one is the experiencer of the experiences (ego self) and the other is the observer of the experiences (higher self). Our society in today’s times is familiar with the first perspective and many live their whole lives as the small ‘me’. Mindfulness meditation is the perfect way to start looking at life from a higher perspective. It is when you sit in meditation and simply observe your thoughts, do not judge them or be attached to them, simple be in the moment and witness the ego self. The biggest problem we have is we start judging everything that comes in our way into a label: good or evil, right or wrong, black or white. When in truth we have to understand that everything that has existence has a polarity and that every point of view of the divine is justified because everything just is.

I have learnt my lesson and stopped worrying about many of my fellow humans as they have billions over trillions of lifetimes to exist here and experience the higher order and the evolution. I have stopped taking in the negativity as an empath and started shielding my aura (electro-magnetic field) to protect the Universe and the Divine inside of me and accepting all of life’s perspectives as is.