Respecting People & Their Perspectives

27th January 2017

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We live in a world with over 7 billion perspectives and points of views. These perspectives come into play because of the different life experiences and journeys that we all have gone through. Until we learn to accept those points of views of each and everyone we can’t really go towards world peace.

Sometimes we judge people that we don’t even personally know and it’s a very human thing have perceptions and presumptions of people that we come into contact with. When we hear about a terrorist or a murderer we automatically go into this state of fear and judgement, when we don’t even know what they’ve been through since the time they were born. By this I’m in no way taking the side of a criminal and saying that what they do is justified, I just want to know that what could a human child go through that pushed them into this direction of killing and hurting other people.

Human psychology is something that really fascinates me and it even blows up my mind sometimes. When I’m in my counselling sessions and my clients come to me with fascinating stories of their lives which are sometimes awe inspiring and sometimes scary, I can’t respond to them in a judgemental manner and tell them if they are doing ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ it’s all about understanding where they are coming from and finding a solution respecting that.

The more you practice acceptance for all that is, just the way it is, the more the outside world starts becoming authentic. Giving unconditional love to a person gives them the permission to express them 100%.

Non-Judgement & Non-Attachment

27th January 2017

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The two most important things according to me in spirituality are non-attachment and non-judgement towards anything. We have to understand that everything is impermanent and always flowing, so in order to go with the flow and exist in the vibration of love we must stop judging everything as simply good or bad in our lives.

By practicing non-judgement towards people we give other people the independence to express themselves to you in a truly authentic way. When you feel pure love energy for an individual (they don’t have to consciously know about this) you actually shift to a universe that matches with your emotion towards them.

You are not just matter that only exists in the 3D world, you are a collection of quantum particles that vibrate at a very high speed and each and every particle affects the whole unified field. When you send them the highest energy in existence (which is love) you send out ripples of energy throughout the whole cosmos and it effects everything in existence.

Check out the video for more details and to watch my vlog from Himachal.