The Male & Female Energies Within – Yin & Yang

6th May 2017

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There are two main types of energies within each and every human being, regardless of their gender. These are the female energies (Yin) and the male energies (Yang). From the starting, on this planet, we can physically see that a person is either a man or a woman. If you’re a female, certain kind of behavior is expected from you. You are expected to look pretty all the time & create beautiful things. You always need someone is protect you, this is what we are told in this society. And if you’re a male, certain kind of behavior is expected from you, you are told that you have to be a macho man and any kind of emotional aspect like crying or being scared is considered as weak or not appropriate.

Growing up in these environments do not really encourage us to bring out the truest, most authentic part of ourselves in the forefront. Since the day we are born on this planet we are put into the system. And the system wants to molds us into an expectation which we might or might not resonate with. You might be a female with a dominant aspect of male energy or a male with dominant female energies.

So what really are the male and female energies that are present within each and every one of us and what are the body parts that function with these energies?

The female for me is creation, it’s the rain, the ocean, nature and flowers. It’s the creative energy force that is also called the Kundalini energy which comes from the base of our spine (root chakra) also known as Shakti. It is our connection to the earth and it governs our intuition, emotions and sensual instincts. This energy mainly works with our hearts and the right brain, which is the creative part of our brain.

The male energy for me is the sun and the stars. It is logic & structure, the basic planning part of any creative project. This energy comes from the top of our skull (crown chakra) and is also known as Shiva. It mostly governs the left part of our brain, which is the logical part, but also works with the right part.

Now what really is the rise of the divine feminine that everyone keeps talking about? It’s the rise of the divine female energy that is present within each and everyone of us and not just women. The age that is dawning upon us is the honoring of the female aspects of our our selves which is our natural and organic GPS also known as the heart. It is honoring the connection that we have with the Earth and keeping her safe. It’s time for us to ground our energies and turn that knowledge into wisdom, of embodiment. So that we can live as an example and not as a judgement.

Watch the video for more details on this topic:

How to Let Go of SELF DOUBT – 10 Simple Ways

29th January 2017

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I have to sometimes remind myself of the things that I’m going to share with you in this blog post because every now and then I go through self doubt as well, I’m not perfect. Through the years I’ve recognised my patterns & I realise that I externalise my power a lot and I have a fear of judgement too, this is where most of my self doubt comes from. Here I am going to share 10 things that I do to tell my inner critic to chill out!


  1. Stop trying to make everyone happy: Because you simply can’t. Some people will love you and some will hate you, accept that and move forward. The only thing that matters is that you truly love and accept yourself 100%. Know that if youre coming from a place of love, you are enough in each and every moment.
  2. Meditate: Meditation brings you into the present moment and makes you aware of your own thoughts & emotions. If these thoughts and emotions are putting you down & not serving your highest good, let them go. Most self-doubt comes from a disconnection from your own being, breathe in deeply and get connected.
  3. Celebrate success: Your success, my success, everyone’s success. If you’re happy for other people’s achievements you send that energy into the universe and more comes back to you. Turn the jealousy into inspiration and anxiety into excitement, like an alchemy.
  4. Nurture your passions: Everyone is unique and everyone has things that they are good at. Your passions are not random, they are your calling. Find them, learn about them, create with them, fail, learn more, create more, succeed.
  5. Critics: There are two kinds of critics in everyones life. The first type are the ones who find fault in each and everything you do, they are mostly people who are jealous of you & they themselves can’t do what you are doing. Let go of these people ASAP. The second kind are the ones that want you to become a better version of yourself as they see great potential in you. They are your biggest critics and supporters at the same time.
  6. Find your voice: If you want to truly grow in this life, find the things that you’re passionate about and share them with world. Don’t worry if you feel that you are weird, accept yourself 100% and own your weirdness.
  7. Stop comparison: Everyone has had totally different past life & this life experiences, so there’s no point in comparing your journey to anyone else’s. Focus on your own self and how you can make yourself better than you were yesterday.
  8. Trust the universe: The universe, God, your higher self, whatever you want to call it, has a plan for you. You might understand it right now but you eventually will. The secret is to let go of control and develop an attitude of pronoia which is that each and everything happening in your life is occurring for your own highest growth and that the universe is conspiring in your favour.
  9. Change your perception of failure: You never truly fail, you just take one step towards your final goal. You either win or you learn, you only fail if you stop trying.
  10. Work on yourself everyday: The biggest secret towards self development is that you are work in progress and a master piece at the same time. Find out areas in your life that you need working on and take step towards them everyday.

Never compete with anyone else because you simply can’t, everyone is in a league of their own and the only person you can compare yourself to is your own past self.

10 Ways For Feeling Comfortable In Your Own Skin!

27th January 2017

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There was this time in my life when I hated being in my body so much that I wanted to kill myself. I was short, fat, had braces, was an introverted shy kid and as you can imagine I was bullied a lot. Bullies are nothing but helpless children that were not treated with love and respect in their own homes that’s why they take out their anger and negative emotions onto helpless little kids. I have no grudges against my bullies because they were the ones that made me grow the most. And their hate was what I transformed into unconditional love for myself.

I have gathered 10 simple ways that you can use to feel comfortable in your own skin and love yourself, just the way you are:

1. Change Your Perspective: Instead of focusing on what you don’t have or what you don’t like about yourself, focus on the things that you do have and start loving those qualities about yourself. Note down these things in a diary and read them every now and then. Whatever you focus on grown.

2. Practising Acceptance and Improvement: Understand where you are at in your life and accept that to yourself. After that make a plan where you want to reach and how you are going to get there.

3. Compliment Yourself: Whenever you look yourself in the mirror, give yourself a compliment, it really and truly helps.

4. Meditate: Practice mindfulness meditation everyday and you will figure out the kind of thought patterns that you have in your mind about yourself so that you can heal them.

5. Practice Self Confidence: It’s one thing to have self confidence, it’s another to practice it everyday. Go and communicate with people. Do things that scare you like getting up and talking to a complete stranger, when you face your fears with an open heart they have no other choice but to vanish.

6. Take Care of Your Body: Eat good food that nourishes your body and soul. Put some kind of physical activity in your everyday routine like yoga or running so that you can come back into your body instead of running around in your brain.

7. Find Passions and Interests: Find qualities about yourself that are not physical and explore your horizons. Invest in your passions and hobbies, learn all that you can about these passions and hobbies.

8. Smile and Laugh More: Laughter is truly the best medicine. Smile at people that you see in the markets and on the streets, smiles are free, but contagious.

9. Honour Yourself: Honour and respect yourself as a divine being of light that is living a temporary human incarnation and always see yourself in that light.

10. Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People: No two people have had the same journey in this life or even before this life. No two people are the same in any way and comparing yourself to another human being is the biggest disrespect you can do to your soul. Only compare yourself to your past self.

Marijuana-And The Truth About the Cigarette and Alcohol Industry

27th January 2017

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Hello fellow humans! This post is going to be about the things that you haven’t been told about marijuana, alcohol and commercial cigarettes.

Lets talk about marijuana first. What is marijuana?

Marijuana, also called weed, cannabis pot, grass, bud, ganja, Mary Jane, bhaang, dope and hemp is a magic herb but it is commonly misconceived as a drug. It is the sacred plant of india. It is taken in a liquid form traditionally every year during the festival of holi. It’s usage has been traced back to ancient india and can be found in the Vedas. According to the vedas, cannabis was one of five sacred plants and a guardian angel lived in its leaves. It was written to be a source of happiness, joy-giver, liberator that was compassionately given to humans to help attain a heightened consciousness and lose fear and anxiety. Lord Shiva, which is one of the most influential God of the Hindu religion is often associated with Marijuana.

Even today there have been many medical miracles associated with the plant:

It is scientifically proven that the cannabidiol CBD found in Cannabis slows and stops cancer cells from spreading.

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the active ingredient present in marijuana blocks the plaques that kills the brain cells and slows the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

-Helps people with epilepsy. It is found out that the THC controlled the seizures by binding the brain cells responsible for controlling excitability and regulating relaxation. Heather Hoffman, who had been experiencing these seizures since her childhood cured herself using the herb and hasn’t had a seizure in 5 years now.

-It improves lung function and increases their capacity and helps in eliminating free radicals produced from pollution and smoking commercial cigarettes and acts as an antioxidant.

Marijuana when vaporized instead of burned has absolutely no harmful effects on the body.

There are many many more benefits of the marijuana plant in medicine but I cant put them all in this small video, do your own research as well.
Even after there have been numerous studies about the medical benefits of cannabis and even though its referred to as the holy plant in the Vedas, why is it still illegal in our country? I don’t fucking know! 

Lets now talk about the alcohol and cigarette industry. This industry was built to numb you. Numb you from realizing your true power, your true potential and encouraging you to get drunk every weekend after working hard for an entire week for someone else. It is considered ‘normal’ to be out on a friday night and pouring toxic mixtures in your body that you don’t even like the taste of. I’ve been there guys I understand, but there is a fine line between being social and having a few glasses of wine and being drunk and driving your car like you’re in GTA. Commercial cigarettes contain 80% toxic chemicals and only 20 % tobacco, Surprising right? Why would someone put chemicals inside a plant substance and make you smoke it. I’ll tell you why! To make money off of you! The 80% chemicals are the addictive substances and create dependency for your body. Your body craves these chemicals and you go out and buy another pack, price of which increases every year. You’re told you’re addicted to a plant named tobacco which contains nicotine when in fact you are addicted to the chemicals they add in it to make you always come for more. Take your life back from the tobacco companies, they don’t own you anymore. Another fact about tobacco is that it resonates with the indigo chakra. The indigos born in the 80s and 90s are extremely drawn towards tobacco and are instead smoking 8-0% chemicals. I’m not proving a conspiracy theorey but it’s right thwere in front of you. You have been fooled till now. Wake the fuck up!

Through this video I’m not encouraging the use of marijuana in any way, this is just my research on the health benefits of the herb. At the end of the day any mind altering substance is a dependency and should not be taken in excess.

6 Simple Ways To Raise Your Vibrations

27th January 2017

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So what is a vibration? Quantum physics tells us that we are not made up of solid matter, but of quantum particles that are vibrating at a very high speed. Our emotions and thoughts are of certain frequencies that decide the vibration at which we exist on.

This post will consist of six simple ways to raise your vibrations, you can also take a look at the video attached below for the details:

1. Meditation: I really can’t tell you how much meditation has helped me. I’ve been doing it for 3 years now and it has really changed my life. It is scientifically proven that meditation changes the physical structure of your brain, it has actually made me more intelligent and creative (I’m not even kidding)

2. Go Vegan: Start eating more raw fruits and vegetables instead of low vibration meats and dairy products and you’ll feel it in your soul, trust me.

3.Yoga & Grounding: Get into your body instead of running around in your mind. Do some yoga or jogging and walk barefoot in the sand or on the beautiful green grass. Ground yourself to this planet, hug trees, grow your own food, talk to flowers (and the faeries) and I promise you that mother earth will raise your vibration to a sky high limit.

4. Gratitude: In each and every situation you have two options, either to focus on the lack or to focus on the abundance. There is always a reason to be thankful, always. Focus on the positive and watch it grow.

5. Dance; If you do whatever your soul wants to do it will raise your vibration and make you happy from the inside out. Dancing circulates energy and makes room for new energy to come into your being.

6. Create: Even though you are creating your life in each and every moment, when you do it with a physical object like a pen or a paintbrush, it gets you in touch with your creator nature.

The Meditative Trance, And Why It’s Awesome!

26th January 2017

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The meditative trance state is a simple and natural state of being, it is the time at which the body goes to sleep. We have five types of brain waves, and these brain waves contribute to our all-round development and well-being and are measured with the help of an electroencephalograph or EEG.

The beta (14-40 Hz) is the waking consciousness, the fully awake mind. The alpha (7.5-14 Hz) is a state of light meditation and daydreaming, it increases imagination and visualization power. The theta (4-7.5 Hz) is deep meditation and light sleep. The alpha-theta border (7-8 Hz) is where the magic happens. This state is known as the trance (REM dream state), it is the gateway to the realm of your subconsciousness. This is when the creative power of the mind starts. Your mind can do anything it pleases. Being conscious in the trance gives you a new outlook towards the universe and your part in it.

While meditating, be open and fearless to the fact that you can experience anything. Strong vibrations in the body, very mild electric shocks, warmth and vibrations at the crown/third-eye/throat/heart/solar/sacral/root chakra, alluring smells, mellow music etc. Just don’t break the meditation and keep calm. The vibrations at the chakras are the pure light entering you, the source energy, receive it. When you feel the warmth of divinity in your body, everything else just disappears and you have an insight. An insight that changes your life, changes the way you have perceived this world till now. It makes you want to do good, be good, and feel good all the time. Nothing in this universe has the power to make you feel gloomy but you.

Here is the basic explanation of the seven major energy spiral points (chakras) of the energy body that we possess. From the bottom to the top:

The Root Chakra: Located at the tip of the triangular bone at the bottom of our spine, it signifies our relationship with mother earth and being in the moment, for opening this chakra let go of all your fears and insecurities.

The Sacral Chakra: This lies slightly below the navel area and signifies the creativity, sexual energy and passion. You need to forgive yourself for all of the guilt and hesitation that is trapped inside you.

The Solar Plexus Chakra: Located in the middle at the top of your abdomen area and signifies positive use of personal power, the self-determination and motivation that we possess. Let go of any instance or situation that has caused you shame.

The Heart Chakra: Located in the middle of your chest, it signifies the love and oneness of all things. Don’t let any kind of grief overpower you and make it difficult for you to give and receive this beautiful medicine.

The Throat Chakra: Located in the middle of the neck signifying our communication and sharing of thoughts. Do not lie as the truth is written in the cosmos.

The Third Eye Chakra: Resides in the centre of the forehead signifying intuition and psychic. Let go of all the illusions.

The Crown Chakra: The top to the head, over the forehead, signifies divine guidance, peace and the universe. Be free of your earthly attachments as this life is a journey and not a destination, fear or hope at this moment decides you future.

As you lie in your bed or sit in the lotus pose and reach the theta brain state your vibrations are high, you can guide the energies inside your body through visualization (Yep, I didn’t believe it either), you have to try it. It makes you feel more in sync with your energy body and realise the power that you possess. The trance that comes after this state is the cherry on top of the cake. It is the borderline of two strong states of being, like an orgasm going through your whole body. While in it, I have felt my whole body flow like ripples that are made at the top of a lake when you throw a stone in it, feeling each and every atom of my body moving in the motion of a wave. I have at most stayed there for 10-15 seconds, although it can be held for hours by experienced yogis. This should be experienced by everyone as holy communications and divine wisdom is received when you go into yourself, as finding yourself from within is finding God.

What is GOD?

26th January 2017

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“I believe in God, but not as one thing, not as an old man in the sky. I believe that what people call God is something in all of us. I believe that what Jesus and Mohammed and Buddha and all the rest said was right. It’s just that the translations have gone wrong.” 
― John Lennon

While growing up, we are told about a higher power, a God who will always take care of us no matter what. This god resides in the nearest temple/church/mosque/gurudwara according to our elders. This my friends is called ‘Religion’, believing blindly in what other people tell you to believe, while these other people were also told to believe it by some other people. So where is the truth? Who is God?

I don’t believe that God resides in some temple or an idol or a murti that you keep in your bedroom. It would be a disrespect to my being if I was forced to believe that. I’m lucky that my parents never told me what to believe and gave me the freedom to have my own understanding for life and God, and have faith in my own religion. People get disgusted my the fact that I don’t visit holy places and get surprised by the fact that I still believe in God. “How is this possible?” they ask me, “You must be a nastik (atheist).”

God is pure love. God is everywhere. God is within us.

Religion is believing in someone else’s experience. Spirituality is having your own experience. A prayer is when you talk to God. Meditation is when you listen to God, so I suggest everybody to include any form of the same in their busy lives as the answers that you seek do not come when the mind is busy, they come when the mind is still. Have your own understanding of things and the world around you, don’t just abide by the norms that the community has made. So, don’t go around in search for God, instead find love in everyone and everything.