The Male & Female Energies Within – Yin & Yang

6th May 2017

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There are two main types of energies within each and every human being, regardless of their gender. These are the female energies (Yin) and the male energies (Yang). From the starting, on this planet, we can physically see that a person is either a man or a woman. If you’re a female, certain kind of behavior is expected from you. You are expected to look pretty all the time & create beautiful things. You always need someone is protect you, this is what we are told in this society. And if you’re a male, certain kind of behavior is expected from you, you are told that you have to be a macho man and any kind of emotional aspect like crying or being scared is considered as weak or not appropriate.

Growing up in these environments do not really encourage us to bring out the truest, most authentic part of ourselves in the forefront. Since the day we are born on this planet we are put into the system. And the system wants to molds us into an expectation which we might or might not resonate with. You might be a female with a dominant aspect of male energy or a male with dominant female energies.

So what really are the male and female energies that are present within each and every one of us and what are the body parts that function with these energies?

The female for me is creation, it’s the rain, the ocean, nature and flowers. It’s the creative energy force that is also called the Kundalini energy which comes from the base of our spine (root chakra) also known as Shakti. It is our connection to the earth and it governs our intuition, emotions and sensual instincts. This energy mainly works with our hearts and the right brain, which is the creative part of our brain.

The male energy for me is the sun and the stars. It is logic & structure, the basic planning part of any creative project. This energy comes from the top of our skull (crown chakra) and is also known as Shiva. It mostly governs the left part of our brain, which is the logical part, but also works with the right part.

Now what really is the rise of the divine feminine that everyone keeps talking about? It’s the rise of the divine female energy that is present within each and everyone of us and not just women. The age that is dawning upon us is the honoring of the female aspects of our our selves which is our natural and organic GPS also known as the heart. It is honoring the connection that we have with the Earth and keeping her safe. It’s time for us to ground our energies and turn that knowledge into wisdom, of embodiment. So that we can live as an example and not as a judgement.

Watch the video for more details on this topic:

How To Work With Negative Emotions & Do Shadow Work

3rd April 2017

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What are negative emotions? These are low vibration emotions that make us feel constricted and rather uneasy. Some of the examples of these negative emotions are hate, anger, jealousy, judgement, sadness, arrogance etc. These emotions are a part of the human experience and it’s totally normal to feel this way.

First of all it’s important to under stand that if you’re feeling an emotion like sadness, don’t say “I’m sad” because that implies that you are sadness as ‘I AM’ are the two most powerful words of the english language. You are ‘LOVE’ at the core level, so instead of saying “I’m sad” or “I’m scared”, say “I’m feeling sadness” & “I’m experiencing fear”.

To work with negative emotions we first need to befriend them. Look at these emotions as entities, look them directly in the eye. When you feel sadness, it just implies that the entity of sadness has come to visit you and you need to take time out to listen to this sadness. When you sit with sadness in patience, you will be surprised at what it has to say. These negative emotions want you to understand them and then transform and ascend them into their own higher self. So sadness wants to be ascended into happiness, anxiety wants to be ascended into excitement and so on.

The way to talk to an emotion is to simply sit with it and a notepad. Write the 4 W’s

Why you’re feeling the emotion?

What or Who caused the emotion to be there in front of you?

What is there to learn from that situation?

What you can do to transform this emotion into it’s own higher self?

Shadow work is a very courageous thing to do and it might even bring forward things from your childhood that are in your subconscious mind upto the surface for you to feel, heal and transform. When you sit with these emotions don’t be scared of them in any way of feel that they have some power over you,  because they don’t. All that these emotions want from us as conscious human beings is to transform and ascend them into their own higher selves. Watch the video for my in depth analysis:

How To Trust The Universe & Develop Pronoia

2nd April 2017

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What is pronoia? It is the belief that the whole Universe is conspiring in your favor, for your highest good, growth & evolution.

The first thing to understand here is that everything in existence, you , me, the animals, the trees, the Earth, the Sun & the stars are all connected to each other in such a beautiful way that if can be expressed in poetry and art and explained through science as well. After the acceptance and understanding of this simple fact we come to realize that each and every scenario that plays out in our lives, be it a negative scenario or a positive scenario, is a part of us. And it is up to us if we want to own that part of us or run away from it.

A few years ago,  before my awakening, I did not know about pronoia and I did not know that the Universe was working in my own favor. The negative situations at that time would get me into the vibration of anger, sadness and judgement and the positive scenarios would get me in the scenarios would get me in the vibration of happiness and excitement. This is a very ormal way to react when a human being thinks that the outside world is happening to them, that’s why they are reacting.

Now that I’ve understood that nothing is happening to me, it is happening through me and for me, for facilitating my highest growth, my life has completely changed. It is all an attitude that you have towards life, it is all about what kind of a space you create within yourself for what is happening outside of you.

We literally have just two choices in any given situation. The first is to trust the Universe, find the lessons we have to learn, let go of trying to control the situation, find the silver lining and have faith in the unfolding of this mystery called life. The second choice is to give into fear, to fight the situation, be angry and be all like nothing is working out for me. As conscious co creators on this free will planet, the choice is eternally ours, and that is our power as human beings. Watch the full video:

How to Let Go of SELF DOUBT – 10 Simple Ways

29th January 2017

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I have to sometimes remind myself of the things that I’m going to share with you in this blog post because every now and then I go through self doubt as well, I’m not perfect. Through the years I’ve recognised my patterns & I realise that I externalise my power a lot and I have a fear of judgement too, this is where most of my self doubt comes from. Here I am going to share 10 things that I do to tell my inner critic to chill out!


  1. Stop trying to make everyone happy: Because you simply can’t. Some people will love you and some will hate you, accept that and move forward. The only thing that matters is that you truly love and accept yourself 100%. Know that if youre coming from a place of love, you are enough in each and every moment.
  2. Meditate: Meditation brings you into the present moment and makes you aware of your own thoughts & emotions. If these thoughts and emotions are putting you down & not serving your highest good, let them go. Most self-doubt comes from a disconnection from your own being, breathe in deeply and get connected.
  3. Celebrate success: Your success, my success, everyone’s success. If you’re happy for other people’s achievements you send that energy into the universe and more comes back to you. Turn the jealousy into inspiration and anxiety into excitement, like an alchemy.
  4. Nurture your passions: Everyone is unique and everyone has things that they are good at. Your passions are not random, they are your calling. Find them, learn about them, create with them, fail, learn more, create more, succeed.
  5. Critics: There are two kinds of critics in everyones life. The first type are the ones who find fault in each and everything you do, they are mostly people who are jealous of you & they themselves can’t do what you are doing. Let go of these people ASAP. The second kind are the ones that want you to become a better version of yourself as they see great potential in you. They are your biggest critics and supporters at the same time.
  6. Find your voice: If you want to truly grow in this life, find the things that you’re passionate about and share them with world. Don’t worry if you feel that you are weird, accept yourself 100% and own your weirdness.
  7. Stop comparison: Everyone has had totally different past life & this life experiences, so there’s no point in comparing your journey to anyone else’s. Focus on your own self and how you can make yourself better than you were yesterday.
  8. Trust the universe: The universe, God, your higher self, whatever you want to call it, has a plan for you. You might understand it right now but you eventually will. The secret is to let go of control and develop an attitude of pronoia which is that each and everything happening in your life is occurring for your own highest growth and that the universe is conspiring in your favour.
  9. Change your perception of failure: You never truly fail, you just take one step towards your final goal. You either win or you learn, you only fail if you stop trying.
  10. Work on yourself everyday: The biggest secret towards self development is that you are work in progress and a master piece at the same time. Find out areas in your life that you need working on and take step towards them everyday.

Never compete with anyone else because you simply can’t, everyone is in a league of their own and the only person you can compare yourself to is your own past self.

How To Find Your Life Purpose

28th January 2017

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What comes to your mind when you think of life purpose?

For me it is your authentic expression and life theme which is deeply fulfilling to you, valuable to the people, positively impacts the world and at the same time allows you to live in abundance. Abundance to me means doing whatever you feel like whenever you feel like it. Sometimes it is looked down upon in the spiritual community to own things and have earthly desires. I feel that as eternally loved children of God, we came on this planet to enjoy a life which makes us feel fulfilled on a physical, emotionally & spiritual level.

Here I will share 10 simple ways through which you can easily find out what your life purpose is:

  1. Follow your highest excitement: Your heart already knows what exactly you came here to do. So the things that make you feel the most excited and fulfilled from the inside are the things that you came here to do. It could be creating art, writing, dancing, singing, anything. Whatever makes your heart jump with joy is what your true purpose is.
  2. Write: Write down things that you are passionate that you would do even if there was no money involved. These are mostly the things you loved to do as a kid. Choose a minimum of 11 thing and a maximum of 3 things (don’t overwhelm yourself with 15 things at once). Invest in these passions and skills and learn about them.
  3. It’s a journey: Don’t worry about money and do your job side by side until you can sustain yourself with your passions. Just keep creating and get better with each creation.
  4. Listen to your own heart: Instead of listening to your parents or friends or teachers in regards to what YOU have to do with your life. Start meditating, go out in nature, have conversations with yourself through writing or in the mirror.
  5. Listen to feedback: Don’t be afraid to experiment and get out of your comfort zone but at the same time don’t let anyone push you around.
  6. No two people are the same: No one has the exact same life purpose as you do, so get inspired by people but don’t try to be like them. Find your own style and express yourself fearlessly.
  7. Heal and balance your chakras: The lower for chakras if the root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra & heart chakra have all the information you need about your life purpose. Take crystals life black jade and tourmaline and put an intention into them that you want to know about your soul purpose and sit in meditation with them.
  8. Learn about Social Media: Knowledge about SEO, online marketing & creating an online presence is very important if you want to work from home and become an entrepreneur.
  9. Ask Yourself: What would you do if you had all the money in the world, what would you learn, what would you create? Do that! Another question, What do you want people to remember you for when you are gone from this planet, do that.
  10. Anchor the love frequency: If youre anchoring the love frequency on this planet, you’re already living your life purpose as that is what is needed the most on this planet at this point in time.

Again, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and do new things because it will surprise you at how much fun you can have, turn the anxiety into excitement you’ll be just fine!

Let’s Talk About The EGO

27th January 2017

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Before learning about spirituality I had studied about psychology because of some reasons in my life. In that I read about the Id, the Ego and the Super Ego. The Id is like your shadow self, the Ego is your conscious/logical self and the Super Ego is the higher self or the soul.

There are two main reasons why the Ego might be driving the body of the individual instead of the soul, the ‘Inflated Ego’ or the ‘Wounded Ego’. When one does not have a balanced ego and a healthy relationship with the ego or the ego is neglected, it gets empowered and wants to drive the vehicle. When it is balanced and you have a healthy sense of self, the ego knows it’s place and takes the back seat and lets the soul drive.

Check out the video to find out more about the ego and to know if you are being run by the ego or the soul.

VEGANISM and My Journey Transitioning from a Non-Vegetarian to a Vegan Lifestyle

27th January 2017

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Did you know that animal agriculture is the leading cause of global green house gases, world hunger, species extinction, amazon forest destruction and all sorts of carcinogens in your body. The whole of the transport sector (including the cars, motorbikes, buses, trains & planes) contribute to 13% of global green house gases and animal agriculture contributes to 51%.

These are the kind of facts that we are not really told in schools when the fact of the matter is that the biggest way to save and heal the planet that we live on is by going vegan. Our system feels like broken to me in many ways but this is a major thing because we have only one planet to live on. The biggest protest that you can do against the system is by going vegan and having compasion for the animals and the environment.

I uses to be a non-vegetarian while growing up and transitioning from a being a meat eater to being a vegan has been an amazing and exciting journey, click on the video to know more about this!

Non-Judgement & Non-Attachment

27th January 2017

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The two most important things according to me in spirituality are non-attachment and non-judgement towards anything. We have to understand that everything is impermanent and always flowing, so in order to go with the flow and exist in the vibration of love we must stop judging everything as simply good or bad in our lives.

By practicing non-judgement towards people we give other people the independence to express themselves to you in a truly authentic way. When you feel pure love energy for an individual (they don’t have to consciously know about this) you actually shift to a universe that matches with your emotion towards them.

You are not just matter that only exists in the 3D world, you are a collection of quantum particles that vibrate at a very high speed and each and every particle affects the whole unified field. When you send them the highest energy in existence (which is love) you send out ripples of energy throughout the whole cosmos and it effects everything in existence.

Check out the video for more details and to watch my vlog from Himachal.

6 Simple Ways To Raise Your Vibrations

27th January 2017

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So what is a vibration? Quantum physics tells us that we are not made up of solid matter, but of quantum particles that are vibrating at a very high speed. Our emotions and thoughts are of certain frequencies that decide the vibration at which we exist on.

This post will consist of six simple ways to raise your vibrations, you can also take a look at the video attached below for the details:

1. Meditation: I really can’t tell you how much meditation has helped me. I’ve been doing it for 3 years now and it has really changed my life. It is scientifically proven that meditation changes the physical structure of your brain, it has actually made me more intelligent and creative (I’m not even kidding)

2. Go Vegan: Start eating more raw fruits and vegetables instead of low vibration meats and dairy products and you’ll feel it in your soul, trust me.

3.Yoga & Grounding: Get into your body instead of running around in your mind. Do some yoga or jogging and walk barefoot in the sand or on the beautiful green grass. Ground yourself to this planet, hug trees, grow your own food, talk to flowers (and the faeries) and I promise you that mother earth will raise your vibration to a sky high limit.

4. Gratitude: In each and every situation you have two options, either to focus on the lack or to focus on the abundance. There is always a reason to be thankful, always. Focus on the positive and watch it grow.

5. Dance; If you do whatever your soul wants to do it will raise your vibration and make you happy from the inside out. Dancing circulates energy and makes room for new energy to come into your being.

6. Create: Even though you are creating your life in each and every moment, when you do it with a physical object like a pen or a paintbrush, it gets you in touch with your creator nature.

What Does “Raise Your Vibration” Mean? And Why You Should Be Doing It!

27th January 2017

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What is a vibration and how are we vibrating? What does it mean when someone says “Raise your vibration”?

Quantum physics tells us that we are not made up of solid matter like it seems from our physical eyes, but of quantum particles that are vibrating at a very high speed giving us an illusion of solid matter. Matter is made up of atoms and atoms are 99.999999% empty space, it has been scientifically proven by quantum physicists.

Our emotions and thoughts are of certain frequencies that decide the vibration at which we exist on. We are like radio sets that tune into whatever frequency we are feeling and thinking.

There are two extremes of the kind of vibrations that we can tune into, they are LOVE and FEAR.


Fear is basically just a lack of love, just like darkness is just a light. Once you introduce light to darkness, it can’t help but disappear. So when you have thoughts and emotions of a victim mentality, that life is happening to you, and that’s why you are reacting in a certain way, you give way to a lot of negative self talk and lower emotions. Once you realize that life is happening through you, and for you, you understand that there is nothing but unconditional love and acceptance that exists in this Universe.

When you have thoughts and emotions that are on the positive spectrum like love, joy and understanding, you automatically raise your vibration. Watch the video for more details.