The Male & Female Energies Within – Yin & Yang

6th May 2017

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There are two main types of energies within each and every human being, regardless of their gender. These are the female energies (Yin) and the male energies (Yang). From the starting, on this planet, we can physically see that a person is either a man or a woman. If you’re a female, certain kind of behavior is expected from you. You are expected to look pretty all the time & create beautiful things. You always need someone is protect you, this is what we are told in this society. And if you’re a male, certain kind of behavior is expected from you, you are told that you have to be a macho man and any kind of emotional aspect like crying or being scared is considered as weak or not appropriate.

Growing up in these environments do not really encourage us to bring out the truest, most authentic part of ourselves in the forefront. Since the day we are born on this planet we are put into the system. And the system wants to molds us into an expectation which we might or might not resonate with. You might be a female with a dominant aspect of male energy or a male with dominant female energies.

So what really are the male and female energies that are present within each and every one of us and what are the body parts that function with these energies?

The female for me is creation, it’s the rain, the ocean, nature and flowers. It’s the creative energy force that is also called the Kundalini energy which comes from the base of our spine (root chakra) also known as Shakti. It is our connection to the earth and it governs our intuition, emotions and sensual instincts. This energy mainly works with our hearts and the right brain, which is the creative part of our brain.

The male energy for me is the sun and the stars. It is logic & structure, the basic planning part of any creative project. This energy comes from the top of our skull (crown chakra) and is also known as Shiva. It mostly governs the left part of our brain, which is the logical part, but also works with the right part.

Now what really is the rise of the divine feminine that everyone keeps talking about? It’s the rise of the divine female energy that is present within each and everyone of us and not just women. The age that is dawning upon us is the honoring of the female aspects of our our selves which is our natural and organic GPS also known as the heart. It is honoring the connection that we have with the Earth and keeping her safe. It’s time for us to ground our energies and turn that knowledge into wisdom, of embodiment. So that we can live as an example and not as a judgement.

Watch the video for more details on this topic:

Honouring Individuality with Oneness and Understanding Co-Creation Through The String Theory

27th January 2017

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Each and every person, animal, place, situation, and timeline of Earth is connected to the Earth itself energetically. We are made up the same elements which are the water(emotions), earth(body), fire(soul), air(breath) and ether(spirit). We are all experiencers and no experience is better or worse than any.

We are connected with each other through three main chakras, the root chakra, the heart chakra and the third eye chakra. The root chakra says ‘I trust’, it is the instinctual chakra. The heart chakra says, ‘I feel’ the same emotions as you, and the third eye/crown chakra says ‘I understand’ that we are connected. We always keep giving and receiving energies to and from people and our environment. It is our choice as conscious entities to choose what kind of energy we want to receive and what we want to give off.

In order to truly understand a person you need to have an open heart and an open mind. An open heart will allow you to understand where the person in front of you is coming from and what their true viewpoint is and an open mind will allow you to truly understand their unique perspective.

With having a mind also comes the aspect of core beliefs and subconscious programming which can be different for different people. For creating the most authentic life you need to meditate and align yourself to the truth of your heart.

Let’s understand co-creation through the string theory. Each and every person lives in their own personal Universe and this whole Cosmos comprises of each and every Universe making up a huge multiverse. Each and every Universe consists of all the things that did happen, all the possibilities in all moments of time that could’ve happened in the past and that could happen in the future. Each and every individual chooses their personal journey with the frequencies of their thoughts and emotions.

Whatever thoughts and emotions we give out through our consciousness create a ripple effect in the entire Universe and change the reality that we experience.

Manifestation and The Kabbalah Tree of Life

27th January 2017

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This post is about the Kabbalah Tree Of Life and it’s principles used in manifestation. So this tree of life has ten basic Sepiroths, which correspond to the areas of our body (look at the diagram for that).

The first is the Malkuth or the Kingdom which is the root chakra and it co-relates with the Earth, then comes the Yesod which corresponds with the Moon. The Malkuth is basically the manifestation of the Yesod. Then comes the Hod or Mercury, Netzach or Venus, Tiphareth or Sun, Geburah or Mars, Chesed or Jupiter, Binah or Saturn, Chokmah or the entire Zodiac and Kether or the entire Cosmos.

It’s important to locate these energy centres on your body if you want to use this for manifestation. Understand that your body is a marvel and you are the whole Universe experiencing itself as a concentrated source of consciousness.

So if you have a desire, imagine it and send it from Malkuth (root chakra) to the Kether (Crown chakra/Cosmos) in the passageway as shown in the picture. When it goes out from your crown chakra into the Universe imagine it being created in some dimension. Imagination is not this vague thing it’s a very real thing, whatever you imagine gets created in some dimension. After that get that imagined thing into your crown chakra and make it go through the same passageway and come out of your root chakra. This is the ultimate form of manifestation and was taught in the old esoteric schools of occult knowledge. I’m sure I’ve done these things like alchemy and magick in my previous lives and I’m sure you have too. Have fun with this!

Cern, And It’s Truth

26th January 2017

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Cern is a particle accelerator located in Switzerland which has a radius of about 4km. This Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is being used to collide photons at light speed and recreate the Big Bang.

Cern was basically constructed to find out the glue that holds the Universe together, also called the dark matter or dark energy (the stuff that our human eyes can’t perceive). We know that everything that has ever existed or will ever exist is energy, and that it can neither be created nor be destroyed, it only changes it’s form. At Cern they are taking the tiniest particles of light and colliding them at the highest speed we know and waiting for an answer. This could be used to create new and useful elements never seen before as well. The people who created the internet are the people working at Cern, as the internet brought us closer so will this magical thing.

I wanted to write this article as there is only negative information about this particle accelerator and I want people to calm down and really understand the science behind this. During my research of cern 90% of the information I found online was that of fear and confusion. Understanding and going through a dimension shift is something that each and every person will have to go through because they are going to collide those particles whether you’re ready or not. The frequency at which you as an individual are vibrating is the frequency that you are going to experience. This experience is going to be unique for each individual.

You as a consciousness are strong beyond measure, whatever you believe in and think is exactly what is going to happen. There is so much fear on the internet right now, and it is there to dumb you down and make you go in the fear vibration. The people believing in a doomsday are going to create a doomsday experience for themselves. ‘Hell’ is nothing but a construct of the consciousness, individuals who believe they did something wrong in their lifetime create a literal hell for themselves after they die. The God is within you.

Now is the time to start believing in miracles because you’re going to experience a magical phenomenon very soon. Just keep your thoughts and attitude positive and don’t let the media or negatively polarised individuals disrupt your thoughts and beliefs, because you have the power to create whatever you desire for your life.

May peace prevail within you and the force be with you.

Life Force Energy

26th January 2017

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Everybody has energy within their body to heal themselves of any ailment or disease. This energy is known as the Life force energy, Prana or Chi.

According to the fourth hermetic principle of the Kybalion, everything that exists consists of a polarity, a negative and a positive side or female and male counterparts which make existence possible. Even our bodies have a male and female orientation, the female energy or yin flows from the Earth through our body and the male or yang flows from the Sun. The unison of the male and female energies within the body generates the life force energy that is vital for a healthy and disease free lifestyle of which aging is not a part. It is the ultimate dose of immortality.

Everything good eventually comes down to meditation, I can not explain in words how much meditation has helped me in terms of physical, mental and spiritual evolution. So I would suggest anyone who does not do it, just take out fifteen minutes a day to tune out of the physical illusion and your higher self will thank you later, I promise. While you are meditating you are at a higher vibration of being and you can harness these free energies and let them amalgamate within you. For the accumulation of chi energy within your body, imagine the Universal energy entering from your crown chakra and the Earth energy from the root chakra. Make these energies meet at the solar-plexus chakra and radiate it outwards as a ball of protection and positive energy around your body. For the process of molecular/dna healing I suggest you listen to 432 hz healing music and do a meditation where you breathe in and imagine your heart glowing a bright crimson red and as you exhale imagine the heart expanding and bright pink light engulfing you. Color therapy helps in healing and restoring of energy.

In the ancient times we never needed to go to external sources for healing, we were our own shamans. We danced and healed ourselves, letting the energies flow through and purify us. We are energy generators and can still remember all the secrets and magic that lie within us. The information lies within each and every cell of our body, within each and every person on Earth, we just need to remember and give ourselves credit for existing as the magicians that we are.

Using crystals like Pyrite and Rose Quartz can also help in the healing process as naturally occurring stones have their own consciousness which can assist us in healing all of our chakras. Also eating an organic plant based diet and adequate exercise also promotes health and wellness within the body.

When you start empowering yourself from within and realize your true nature, there is no force outside of you that can harm you.

How To Bring World Peace

26th January 2017

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You can shift the exterior, for it is a reflection of what lies within, literally.

All this talk about knowing thyself truly and looking within thyself confuses most people, they think ‘Okay so what is within me, a couple of lungs, a liver, a heart, a brain, a spine, some nerves and lots of blood, what else?’ You are not solid matter, you are a frequency of vibration, a source of energy. When you truly understand what exactly you are and what exactly you represent, you will start living in the now and realize that everything that could have ever happened, that has ever happened in the past, and that could ever happen in the future, exists right now, at this very moment. Time is a construct made by us.

‘So how do I change the world and bring world peace?’

Well, peace has already happened, on another Earth, in another Universe. It’s already there, the only thing an individual needs to do is start believing in the fact that there exists an Earth with pure love consciousness right now, and then it will be much easier to get there. You do not change the exterior, you simply shift your outlook and beliefs from within.

Each individual exists in their personal Universe which is a product of the emotional vibrations they have chosen. Each individual is like a radio set, they decide which frequency to choose from which in turn changes their reality altogether.

You vibrate at a very high rate, a billion times each second. You can choose a completely different reality at any given moment, all is in the now. When you change your vibratory frequency from within, you don’t change anything that is outside of you, you just shift your reality to whatever Earth and Universe your frequency reflects. There are trillions over trillions of possibilities of Earths and Universes at your disposal, you just have to choose. This has been proven through quantum physics and it’s time now to understand our practical reality in this regard.

So, don’t really worry about the elite or the Illuminati (people who claim they have a special kind of power which you can’t possess, when in truth you have the same power within yourself, you are the Illuminated one) or whatever part of the Universe that you think takes away your power. Simply don’t give them the power and the fear vibrations that they require to exist. Change your perspective and change your Universe. Everything truly begins from within.