All About Chakras

27th January 2017

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Chakra is a sanskrit word which means energy spiral, the ancient mystics knew about the nature of reality and understood that this Universe is not made up of matter but of a collection of quantum particles vibrating at a very high speed.

These energy centres of your body should be open and flowing to live your highest human potential. If these are blocked, inactive or overactive in some way they will lead to a manifestation of physical, emotional and psychological diseases in the body.

There are 8 major chakras in the body, from bottom to top:

1. The Root Chakra: Resonates with the base of the spine and is mainly focussed on your survival and security on the planet Earth.

2. The Sacral Chakra: Corelates with the sexual organs of the body and resonates with the sexuality, sensuality and the creativity that we possess.

3. The Solar Plexus Chakra: This chakra relates to the pancreas and is our main energy centre, it is like the central sun of our body. This resonates with the self power, the confidence and motivation that we possess.

4. The Heart Chakra: This is the chakra of unconditional love, non-duality and acceptance. Resonating with the thymus gland, it is the most important chakra of the body and is our connection with each other and with our soul.

5. The Etheric Heart Chakra: This chakra also corelates with the thymus gland like the heart chakra and mainly regulates our intent of speech.

6. The Throat Chakra: This is overlaid on the thyroid gland and is responsible for our creative communication and expression.

7. The Third Eye Chakra: This chakra resonaes with the pituitary gland and is the main centre of our imagination, our intuition and our ability to see the bigger picture.

8. The Crown Chakra: This chakra is at the top of our head and is the largest chakra, it resonates with the pineal gland and connects us to the higher spiritual energies and powers. It is our connection with our spirit guides and soul group families.

What is Kundalini Shakti Energy? How and why to awaken it?

27th January 2017

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There is a lot of confusion among newly awakened people about the kundalini shakti energy. When I was starting my spiritual energy I also went to the internet to do some research upon this energy and came upon a lot of amazing experiences and also a lot of scary experiences.

The first and foremost thing that I would like tell you is that kundalini energy should never be forced to awaken and should be allowed to take it’s natural course and it’s own time. The energy and your higher self know when the time is right. It is basically your own female energy that is your own Earth energy. Our body is like a battery, it has it’s negative and positive poles. The male energy or the ‘Shiva’ enters the body through the crown chakra and the female energy or the ‘Shakti’ enters the body through the base of the spine, also known as the Kundalini.

It can be safely awakened through meditation, colour therapy and by keeping crystals like smokey quartz and tourmaline near your root chakra. There should not be fear in regards to this energy because if you’re in the fear vibration, you will manifest a bad experience for yourself. And as I said it’s awakening should never be forced, just sit in meditation and have an intention of healing your lower chakras.

The Kundalini energy is your connection to the planet Earth, it is your highest creative potential, since the time I’ve awakened this energy in myself I’ve experienced clearer and more positive thinking patterns, more out of the box thinking and an abundance of creative flow and expression. I’m in a creative profession so this has helped me tremendously.

Life Force Energy

26th January 2017

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Everybody has energy within their body to heal themselves of any ailment or disease. This energy is known as the Life force energy, Prana or Chi.

According to the fourth hermetic principle of the Kybalion, everything that exists consists of a polarity, a negative and a positive side or female and male counterparts which make existence possible. Even our bodies have a male and female orientation, the female energy or yin flows from the Earth through our body and the male or yang flows from the Sun. The unison of the male and female energies within the body generates the life force energy that is vital for a healthy and disease free lifestyle of which aging is not a part. It is the ultimate dose of immortality.

Everything good eventually comes down to meditation, I can not explain in words how much meditation has helped me in terms of physical, mental and spiritual evolution. So I would suggest anyone who does not do it, just take out fifteen minutes a day to tune out of the physical illusion and your higher self will thank you later, I promise. While you are meditating you are at a higher vibration of being and you can harness these free energies and let them amalgamate within you. For the accumulation of chi energy within your body, imagine the Universal energy entering from your crown chakra and the Earth energy from the root chakra. Make these energies meet at the solar-plexus chakra and radiate it outwards as a ball of protection and positive energy around your body. For the process of molecular/dna healing I suggest you listen to 432 hz healing music and do a meditation where you breathe in and imagine your heart glowing a bright crimson red and as you exhale imagine the heart expanding and bright pink light engulfing you. Color therapy helps in healing and restoring of energy.

In the ancient times we never needed to go to external sources for healing, we were our own shamans. We danced and healed ourselves, letting the energies flow through and purify us. We are energy generators and can still remember all the secrets and magic that lie within us. The information lies within each and every cell of our body, within each and every person on Earth, we just need to remember and give ourselves credit for existing as the magicians that we are.

Using crystals like Pyrite and Rose Quartz can also help in the healing process as naturally occurring stones have their own consciousness which can assist us in healing all of our chakras. Also eating an organic plant based diet and adequate exercise also promotes health and wellness within the body.

When you start empowering yourself from within and realize your true nature, there is no force outside of you that can harm you.