How To Transform Past Hurts Into Gold

3rd April 2017

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We all have hurt someone and been hurt by someone in the past, it’s an inevitable part of the human journey. You might have been hurt by your girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, colleague, boss or even a random person on the road or on the internet. This might have even been physical abuse but here I’m going to talk about the emotional and mental aspects of the human consciousness, even though all these parts of the human psyche are connected.

There are two types of people who hurt other people, ones are who consciously know that they hurt you and they stand up and apologize for acting like a moron. The second type are the people who are consciously and subconsciously repressing or suppressing the fact that they hurt you & they are afraid to face the reality of the situation. If someone has apologized for hurting you, it’s easier for for you and also the other person to move forward from the situation. But if the much awaited apology was not received, then what do you?

FORGIVE: The first step to transform past hurts into gold is to forgive the person that hurt you, forgive yourself for being hurt & forgive the situation in which you were hurt. How do you forgive? By understanding that we are all human beings and nobody is perfect, if someone was perfect they won’t have to come to this earth school to learn and evolve. Why forgive? For youe won mental and emotional health.

CONFRONTATION: It’s very important to speak up what is in your heart and express how you truly feel. Come from a place of understanding and love instead of a place of anger and judgement.

PERSPECTIVES: It’s important to understand that no two people are thinking and feeling the same way about the same situation because we have different and unique perspectives and points of views towards any given situation. Maybe the person that hurt you didn’t have the mental resources at that time to understand and comprehend the situation at that time. Maybe they were emotionally hardened and too much in their ego to realize the way that they hurt you. And maybe they themselves were hurting and were projecting their own past hurts onto you.

WHAT DID YOU GAIN: As yourself this question. You might have lost a friend or a loved one, but what did you learn? Maybe you learnt something new about the human psyche, human emotional processes, whatever it is write it down and be thankful. The greatest growth really comes from from our biggest heartbreaks & perceived negative situations.

EMOTIONAL UNDERSTANDING: What are your emotions telling you today? Because they are your own personal spidey sense, listen to them. If you feel like crying, cry, if you feel anger, let in out. In order to live with our emotions for our whole life we need to find ways to transform negative emotions into their own positive polarities. There are beautiful ways to express anger in beautiful and pasionate ways: Turn it into art! Make a painting, wirte a song or a poem, go workout. So that when you confront the person that hurt you, you can do that in a calm and mellow way and not try to stoop down to their level and hurt them back.

Watch the video for my in depth analysis:

Marijuana-And The Truth About the Cigarette and Alcohol Industry

27th January 2017

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Hello fellow humans! This post is going to be about the things that you haven’t been told about marijuana, alcohol and commercial cigarettes.

Lets talk about marijuana first. What is marijuana?

Marijuana, also called weed, cannabis pot, grass, bud, ganja, Mary Jane, bhaang, dope and hemp is a magic herb but it is commonly misconceived as a drug. It is the sacred plant of india. It is taken in a liquid form traditionally every year during the festival of holi. It’s usage has been traced back to ancient india and can be found in the Vedas. According to the vedas, cannabis was one of five sacred plants and a guardian angel lived in its leaves. It was written to be a source of happiness, joy-giver, liberator that was compassionately given to humans to help attain a heightened consciousness and lose fear and anxiety. Lord Shiva, which is one of the most influential God of the Hindu religion is often associated with Marijuana.

Even today there have been many medical miracles associated with the plant:

It is scientifically proven that the cannabidiol CBD found in Cannabis slows and stops cancer cells from spreading.

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the active ingredient present in marijuana blocks the plaques that kills the brain cells and slows the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

-Helps people with epilepsy. It is found out that the THC controlled the seizures by binding the brain cells responsible for controlling excitability and regulating relaxation. Heather Hoffman, who had been experiencing these seizures since her childhood cured herself using the herb and hasn’t had a seizure in 5 years now.

-It improves lung function and increases their capacity and helps in eliminating free radicals produced from pollution and smoking commercial cigarettes and acts as an antioxidant.

Marijuana when vaporized instead of burned has absolutely no harmful effects on the body.

There are many many more benefits of the marijuana plant in medicine but I cant put them all in this small video, do your own research as well.
Even after there have been numerous studies about the medical benefits of cannabis and even though its referred to as the holy plant in the Vedas, why is it still illegal in our country? I don’t fucking know! 

Lets now talk about the alcohol and cigarette industry. This industry was built to numb you. Numb you from realizing your true power, your true potential and encouraging you to get drunk every weekend after working hard for an entire week for someone else. It is considered ‘normal’ to be out on a friday night and pouring toxic mixtures in your body that you don’t even like the taste of. I’ve been there guys I understand, but there is a fine line between being social and having a few glasses of wine and being drunk and driving your car like you’re in GTA. Commercial cigarettes contain 80% toxic chemicals and only 20 % tobacco, Surprising right? Why would someone put chemicals inside a plant substance and make you smoke it. I’ll tell you why! To make money off of you! The 80% chemicals are the addictive substances and create dependency for your body. Your body craves these chemicals and you go out and buy another pack, price of which increases every year. You’re told you’re addicted to a plant named tobacco which contains nicotine when in fact you are addicted to the chemicals they add in it to make you always come for more. Take your life back from the tobacco companies, they don’t own you anymore. Another fact about tobacco is that it resonates with the indigo chakra. The indigos born in the 80s and 90s are extremely drawn towards tobacco and are instead smoking 8-0% chemicals. I’m not proving a conspiracy theorey but it’s right thwere in front of you. You have been fooled till now. Wake the fuck up!

Through this video I’m not encouraging the use of marijuana in any way, this is just my research on the health benefits of the herb. At the end of the day any mind altering substance is a dependency and should not be taken in excess.