How To Work With Negative Emotions & Do Shadow Work

3rd April 2017

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What are negative emotions? These are low vibration emotions that make us feel constricted and rather uneasy. Some of the examples of these negative emotions are hate, anger, jealousy, judgement, sadness, arrogance etc. These emotions are a part of the human experience and it’s totally normal to feel this way.

First of all it’s important to under stand that if you’re feeling an emotion like sadness, don’t say “I’m sad” because that implies that you are sadness as ‘I AM’ are the two most powerful words of the english language. You are ‘LOVE’ at the core level, so instead of saying “I’m sad” or “I’m scared”, say “I’m feeling sadness” & “I’m experiencing fear”.

To work with negative emotions we first need to befriend them. Look at these emotions as entities, look them directly in the eye. When you feel sadness, it just implies that the entity of sadness has come to visit you and you need to take time out to listen to this sadness. When you sit with sadness in patience, you will be surprised at what it has to say. These negative emotions want you to understand them and then transform and ascend them into their own higher self. So sadness wants to be ascended into happiness, anxiety wants to be ascended into excitement and so on.

The way to talk to an emotion is to simply sit with it and a notepad. Write the 4 W’s

Why you’re feeling the emotion?

What or Who caused the emotion to be there in front of you?

What is there to learn from that situation?

What you can do to transform this emotion into it’s own higher self?

Shadow work is a very courageous thing to do and it might even bring forward things from your childhood that are in your subconscious mind upto the surface for you to feel, heal and transform. When you sit with these emotions don’t be scared of them in any way of feel that they have some power over you,  because they don’t. All that these emotions want from us as conscious human beings is to transform and ascend them into their own higher selves. Watch the video for my in depth analysis:

How To Transform Past Hurts Into Gold

3rd April 2017

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We all have hurt someone and been hurt by someone in the past, it’s an inevitable part of the human journey. You might have been hurt by your girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, colleague, boss or even a random person on the road or on the internet. This might have even been physical abuse but here I’m going to talk about the emotional and mental aspects of the human consciousness, even though all these parts of the human psyche are connected.

There are two types of people who hurt other people, ones are who consciously know that they hurt you and they stand up and apologize for acting like a moron. The second type are the people who are consciously and subconsciously repressing or suppressing the fact that they hurt you & they are afraid to face the reality of the situation. If someone has apologized for hurting you, it’s easier for for you and also the other person to move forward from the situation. But if the much awaited apology was not received, then what do you?

FORGIVE: The first step to transform past hurts into gold is to forgive the person that hurt you, forgive yourself for being hurt & forgive the situation in which you were hurt. How do you forgive? By understanding that we are all human beings and nobody is perfect, if someone was perfect they won’t have to come to this earth school to learn and evolve. Why forgive? For youe won mental and emotional health.

CONFRONTATION: It’s very important to speak up what is in your heart and express how you truly feel. Come from a place of understanding and love instead of a place of anger and judgement.

PERSPECTIVES: It’s important to understand that no two people are thinking and feeling the same way about the same situation because we have different and unique perspectives and points of views towards any given situation. Maybe the person that hurt you didn’t have the mental resources at that time to understand and comprehend the situation at that time. Maybe they were emotionally hardened and too much in their ego to realize the way that they hurt you. And maybe they themselves were hurting and were projecting their own past hurts onto you.

WHAT DID YOU GAIN: As yourself this question. You might have lost a friend or a loved one, but what did you learn? Maybe you learnt something new about the human psyche, human emotional processes, whatever it is write it down and be thankful. The greatest growth really comes from from our biggest heartbreaks & perceived negative situations.

EMOTIONAL UNDERSTANDING: What are your emotions telling you today? Because they are your own personal spidey sense, listen to them. If you feel like crying, cry, if you feel anger, let in out. In order to live with our emotions for our whole life we need to find ways to transform negative emotions into their own positive polarities. There are beautiful ways to express anger in beautiful and pasionate ways: Turn it into art! Make a painting, wirte a song or a poem, go workout. So that when you confront the person that hurt you, you can do that in a calm and mellow way and not try to stoop down to their level and hurt them back.

Watch the video for my in depth analysis: