What is a vibration and how are we vibrating? What does it mean when someone says “Raise your vibration”?

Quantum physics tells us that we are not made up of solid matter like it seems from our physical eyes, but of quantum particles that are vibrating at a very high speed giving us an illusion of solid matter. Matter is made up of atoms and atoms are 99.999999% empty space, it has been scientifically proven by quantum physicists.

Our emotions and thoughts are of certain frequencies that decide the vibration at which we exist on. We are like radio sets that tune into whatever frequency we are feeling and thinking.

There are two extremes of the kind of vibrations that we can tune into, they are LOVE and FEAR.


Fear is basically just a lack of love, just like darkness is just a light. Once you introduce light to darkness, it can’t help but disappear. So when you have thoughts and emotions of a victim mentality, that life is happening to you, and that’s why you are reacting in a certain way, you give way to a lot of negative self talk and lower emotions. Once you realize that life is happening through you, and for you, you understand that there is nothing but unconditional love and acceptance that exists in this Universe.

When you have thoughts and emotions that are on the positive spectrum like love, joy and understanding, you automatically raise your vibration. Watch the video for more details.

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