Did you know that animal agriculture is the leading cause of global green house gases, world hunger, species extinction, amazon forest destruction and all sorts of carcinogens in your body. The whole of the transport sector (including the cars, motorbikes, buses, trains & planes) contribute to 13% of global green house gases and animal agriculture contributes to 51%.

These are the kind of facts that we are not really told in schools when the fact of the matter is that the biggest way to save and heal the planet that we live on is by going vegan. Our system feels like broken to me in many ways but this is a major thing because we have only one planet to live on. The biggest protest that you can do against the system is by going vegan and having compasion for the animals and the environment.

I uses to be a non-vegetarian while growing up and transitioning from a being a meat eater to being a vegan has been an amazing and exciting journey, click on the video to know more about this!

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