The third eye chakra also known as the ajna chakra is the 2nd main chakra starting from your crown chakra. It resonates with the colour indigo and vibrates with the sound of Om. This chakra is basically active in you if you can see and remember your dreams and there are levels to it’s awakening.

The first level is that it’s completely closed and calcified. You are completely lost in the matrix and don’t really know about the global mind control that is happening on this planet at this point in time through main stream media.

The second level would be that you’re aware and have started taking your dreams and intuitions seriously and are taking steps to live a conscious life.

The third level would that you vividly remember your dreams and are sometimes lucid in them, you are also seeing sparkles of lights around you sometimes. Also visions during meditations are witnessed at this level.

The fourth level would be that you can see through the veil at other dimensions and astral project on command.

The third eye also relates to your intuitions about things in your life. More than seeing it’s about sensing, it’s like your inner compass that guides you through life if you ask it how. It can be decalcified through mindfulness meditation and and eating foods like spirulina and chlorophyll.

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