This post is about the Kabbalah Tree Of Life and it’s principles used in manifestation. So this tree of life has ten basic Sepiroths, which correspond to the areas of our body (look at the diagram for that).

The first is the Malkuth or the Kingdom which is the root chakra and it co-relates with the Earth, then comes the Yesod which corresponds with the Moon. The Malkuth is basically the manifestation of the Yesod. Then comes the Hod or Mercury, Netzach or Venus, Tiphareth or Sun, Geburah or Mars, Chesed or Jupiter, Binah or Saturn, Chokmah or the entire Zodiac and Kether or the entire Cosmos.

It’s important to locate these energy centres on your body if you want to use this for manifestation. Understand that your body is a marvel and you are the whole Universe experiencing itself as a concentrated source of consciousness.

So if you have a desire, imagine it and send it from Malkuth (root chakra) to the Kether (Crown chakra/Cosmos) in the passageway as shown in the picture. When it goes out from your crown chakra into the Universe imagine it being created in some dimension. Imagination is not this vague thing it’s a very real thing, whatever you imagine gets created in some dimension. After that get that imagined thing into your crown chakra and make it go through the same passageway and come out of your root chakra. This is the ultimate form of manifestation and was taught in the old esoteric schools of occult knowledge. I’m sure I’ve done these things like alchemy and magick in my previous lives and I’m sure you have too. Have fun with this!

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