God is not some entity that is in the idols in temples or in churches, God is an emotion in your heart. God is Love, which is the highest frequency that you can experience. God is everything in existence.

You can access this highest frequency through your own body. Take a notepad and a pen or a laptop and a blank document and start writing whatever comes to your mind, it could even be a feeling that you might be able to translate into words. When you start doing this just don’t analyse what is being written, just go with the flow until you write 2-3 pages (or whenever feels right).

When you read what you’ve written you will find a pattern or two subjective entities talking. One will write a sentence like “I’m not understanding why this is happening to me”, and the other will be like “You should try doing XYZ”. This is our own higher self talking to us through our own self.

This seems like a simple exercise but this really works, try it and you’ll be fascinated!

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