You can shift the exterior, for it is a reflection of what lies within, literally.

All this talk about knowing thyself truly and looking within thyself confuses most people, they think ‘Okay so what is within me, a couple of lungs, a liver, a heart, a brain, a spine, some nerves and lots of blood, what else?’ You are not solid matter, you are a frequency of vibration, a source of energy. When you truly understand what exactly you are and what exactly you represent, you will start living in the now and realize that everything that could have ever happened, that has ever happened in the past, and that could ever happen in the future, exists right now, at this very moment. Time is a construct made by us.

‘So how do I change the world and bring world peace?’

Well, peace has already happened, on another Earth, in another Universe. It’s already there, the only thing an individual needs to do is start believing in the fact that there exists an Earth with pure love consciousness right now, and then it will be much easier to get there. You do not change the exterior, you simply shift your outlook and beliefs from within.

Each individual exists in their personal Universe which is a product of the emotional vibrations they have chosen. Each individual is like a radio set, they decide which frequency to choose from which in turn changes their reality altogether.

You vibrate at a very high rate, a billion times each second. You can choose a completely different reality at any given moment, all is in the now. When you change your vibratory frequency from within, you don’t change anything that is outside of you, you just shift your reality to whatever Earth and Universe your frequency reflects. There are trillions over trillions of possibilities of Earths and Universes at your disposal, you just have to choose. This has been proven through quantum physics and it’s time now to understand our practical reality in this regard.

So, don’t really worry about the elite or the Illuminati (people who claim they have a special kind of power which you can’t possess, when in truth you have the same power within yourself, you are the Illuminated one) or whatever part of the Universe that you think takes away your power. Simply don’t give them the power and the fear vibrations that they require to exist. Change your perspective and change your Universe. Everything truly begins from within.

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