Each and every person, animal, place, situation, and timeline of Earth is connected to the Earth itself energetically. We are made up the same elements which are the water(emotions), earth(body), fire(soul), air(breath) and ether(spirit). We are all experiencers and no experience is better or worse than any.

We are connected with each other through three main chakras, the root chakra, the heart chakra and the third eye chakra. The root chakra says ‘I trust’, it is the instinctual chakra. The heart chakra says, ‘I feel’ the same emotions as you, and the third eye/crown chakra says ‘I understand’ that we are connected. We always keep giving and receiving energies to and from people and our environment. It is our choice as conscious entities to choose what kind of energy we want to receive and what we want to give off.

In order to truly understand a person you need to have an open heart and an open mind. An open heart will allow you to understand where the person in front of you is coming from and what their true viewpoint is and an open mind will allow you to truly understand their unique perspective.

With having a mind also comes the aspect of core beliefs and subconscious programming which can be different for different people. For creating the most authentic life you need to meditate and align yourself to the truth of your heart.

Let’s understand co-creation through the string theory. Each and every person lives in their own personal Universe and this whole Cosmos comprises of each and every Universe making up a huge multiverse. Each and every Universe consists of all the things that did happen, all the possibilities in all moments of time that could’ve happened in the past and that could happen in the future. Each and every individual chooses their personal journey with the frequencies of their thoughts and emotions.

Whatever thoughts and emotions we give out through our consciousness create a ripple effect in the entire Universe and change the reality that we experience.

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