I wanted to make this post because I’ve been detoxing myself since the starting of this year and it has been working out amazingly for me, I have seen a lot of miracles and synchronicities happen in my life. When these things happen it’s the universe’s way of telling you that you’re on the right path.

Now why would you want to detox yourself on such a deep level? There are many parallel realities available to us as conscious co-creators on this free will planet. The kind of reality we experience is a direct reflection of the physical, mental, emotional & energetic situation of our being. Every human being is like a radio set & whichever frequency you tune into, you experience. Even though there are trillions of channels to tune into, you choose one energetic channel in every moment. So, to experience the best possible reality, you have to move towards the best possible version of yourself every single day.

I’m going to start with the physical aspect and then go deeper than that even though all these aspects are merged upon one another. When you trigger and change one thing, the other starts changing itself.

The food that you eat literally gets created into your body because millions of cells of our bodies die everyday and millions of cells get created everyday. All diseases in the body are created if you give your body an acidic environment instead of an alkaline environment. Some examples of acidic foods are: Meat, dairy, alcohol, junk food, carbonated drinks etc. Some examples of alkaline foods are: Fruits, vegetables, green tea, lemons etc. Make it a point to feed yourself a majority of alkaline foods and your body will thrive. Working out is another great way to detox your body & move and circulate your energy.

Let’s move to the mental and emotional aspects of our being. Recent research in epigenetics shows that our thoughts and emotions actually change our DNA structure instead of the other way around. Love based emotions like joy, gratitude, understanding and forgiveness relaxes our DNA and allows our bodies to easily read the codes in order to live the best possible life. Fear based emotions like jealousy, anger and judgement stretches out our DNA and puts the cells in the protection mode which is opposite the growth mode.

If you’re living in a majority of fear based emotions then you’re missing out on the best timelines that you could choose for yourself. On every new moon, full moon and eclipses there are portals that open up and it is easier for us to shift into whichever reality we feel is the best for us.

So if something goes “wrong”, ask the situation what there is to learn in it, learn it & then move forward, instead of over-reacting and creating drama. Practice mindfulness meditation and observe your own thoughts and emotions. Find your patterns and then question them. If a certain thought or emotion is not serving you, there is no need being attached to it, let it go!

Whenever you give in to negative thoughts and emotions, you lower your energy and you allow negative entities in the astral and mental plane to latch on to your energy field and then you allow channelling of these entities in the physical world in the form of anger, judgement and fear. This brings us to the energetic detox. You’ll need a quiet room or a quiet nature place, grounding crystals like tourmaline & smokey quartz. Sit in meditation and ask archangel Michael to create a protection bubble around you which is golden in colour and is filled with white light, imagine all the negativity getting dissolved and being destroyed. No negative energy will be able to touch you if you believe in your heart that the bubble is protecting you. Go and check out the video to know more about this!

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