Cern is a particle accelerator located in Switzerland which has a radius of about 4km. This Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is being used to collide photons at light speed and recreate the Big Bang.

Cern was basically constructed to find out the glue that holds the Universe together, also called the dark matter or dark energy (the stuff that our human eyes can’t perceive). We know that everything that has ever existed or will ever exist is energy, and that it can neither be created nor be destroyed, it only changes it’s form. At Cern they are taking the tiniest particles of light and colliding them at the highest speed we know and waiting for an answer. This could be used to create new and useful elements never seen before as well. The people who created the internet are the people working at Cern, as the internet brought us closer so will this magical thing.

I wanted to write this article as there is only negative information about this particle accelerator and I want people to calm down and really understand the science behind this. During my research of cern 90% of the information I found online was that of fear and confusion. Understanding and going through a dimension shift is something that each and every person will have to go through because they are going to collide those particles whether you’re ready or not. The frequency at which you as an individual are vibrating is the frequency that you are going to experience. This experience is going to be unique for each individual.

You as a consciousness are strong beyond measure, whatever you believe in and think is exactly what is going to happen. There is so much fear on the internet right now, and it is there to dumb you down and make you go in the fear vibration. The people believing in a doomsday are going to create a doomsday experience for themselves. ‘Hell’ is nothing but a construct of the consciousness, individuals who believe they did something wrong in their lifetime create a literal hell for themselves after they die. The God is within you.

Now is the time to start believing in miracles because you’re going to experience a magical phenomenon very soon. Just keep your thoughts and attitude positive and don’t let the media or negatively polarised individuals disrupt your thoughts and beliefs, because you have the power to create whatever you desire for your life.

May peace prevail within you and the force be with you.

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