An out of body experience is when the consciousness makes a transition from operating with your physical body to operating with the astral. Another way to put it is that the person transitions from the physical, everyday reality into a parallel but different dimension. This dimension is more subtle than ours, but always there. It remains invisible to many of us because we lack the physical perception to see into it.

Projection into this parallel dimension is temporary, it can last from a few seconds to a couple of hours in rare cases, but inevitably we must return to the physical body. The process of moving into the astral dimension is dependent on the energetic connection between the physical and the astral body. This connection, sometimes called the silver chord, allows us to travel into the astral dimension and keeps our two bodies connected and safe. It also allows energy and information to flow between the two bodies. The placement of this chord depends on the individual and will come out through the strongest chakra of the body.

The technique of astral meditation is very simple and calming. It helps you to control your mind rather than it controlling you. There is no use in thinking about some dumb thing you said to some person during the day, it does not really matter.

Just lie down on your bed aligning your head to the magnetic north and your feet to the south. Be as comfortable as you can be and just breathe. It’s all about ‘being present’, letting your mind run, and accepting whatever thoughts come up, while practicing detachment from each thought. Stay completely still and focus on your breathing. Look at the light-show happening in front of your eyes, but don’t focus on it too hard and don’t move your eyes. The trick is to stay completely conscious while your body goes to sleep. While you are still, you will get urges to move, don’t give in. After a while you will feel ethereal vibrations starting from your feet, that are slowly moving up. It is actually a beautiful feeling when you experience your body go into rest-mode. Then comes the phase of the hypnagogia or hipnopompic hallucinations. They are visual, tactile, auditory, or other sensory events, usually brief but occasionally prolonged, that occur at the transition from wakefulness to sleep. In this you will hear random sounds or feel that you are somewhere else, doing something else, it’s for a second, then you come back.Your mind is trying to hallucinate you at this point. After a few of these, you will hear a ringing sound in your head that will start with a low pitch soft sound and then turn up its volume and move from ear to ear. As the sound increases your eyes will start moving rapidly, this is known as the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. This is the point when the ‘leaving of the body’ takes place. If this is your first time, your heart will start beating like crazy and you might get scared (because personally, it is damn scary). But don’t be afraid, you do this every night, it’s just that you are unconscious and don’t notice it. You are now going to feel vibrations and maybe even your whole bed shaking, these are just inside you and are not visible to anyone (if they are watching you sleep). At this moment your astral body is already around an inch away from your physical body. Just imagine yourself floating away from your body or picturize yourself sleep from any point in your room. And if you did reach REM sleep consciously, you will be able to get outside. Just believe you can and you will.

All of this takes time, patience and mind control. So if you’re not able to do it in the starting, don’t be disappointed as the best things are never easy. I have been practising it for almost a month now and have been consciously out only once, met my spirit guides (I have two), heard the things they had to say to me, things that I have always wanted to know, although I didn’t really ask them. I came back with a thump when I saw my own body sleeping. I was awestruck for the next few weeks as I had never really imagined feeling what I had felt that night, it was the most magnificent thing that has ever happened to me.

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