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All we accept are Good Vibes, so come on in and share your heart with us!

PSYCHEDELUS was created with the symphony that each and every entity in this Universe is ONE with each other and with the Universe itself. You are welcome to share yourself with the members if your skin color is black, white, brown, blue, purple, green, golden, or whatever, we don’t care, all we care about is sharing unconditional LOVE and UNITY.

It’s easy to get lost in this matrix world and fill yourself with all it’s negativity and forget about what truly matters in life. This conscious community was made to give all the starseeds of this world a place to share their hearts openly, learn from each other’s wisdom and lift each other higher into the realms of enlightenment.

This is basically a social media website for spiritual people who have had their awakening or are starting to awaken and are looking for other spirituals like themselves to talk to. You can create and edit your profile page, add statuses, pictures and videos, like, comment and share them, add friends, chat ‘one on one’ with them and post your questions in the various forums. Have fun and do whatever you feel like here, you won’t be judged!

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