Hello I’m Bhoomika Kashyap and I’m the co-creator of this website. You can check out the videos that I share on YouTube through the BLOG page. I create content related to spiritual awakening, healthy living, science and all that good stuff.

Through the years I’ve found myself talking to my family members, friends and colleagues and helping them out in their personal lives in various aspects. I was also contacted through some of my YouTube viewers asking me if I took online spiritual counseling sessions through Skype and I thought of giving it a shot, and I loved doing it, and you guys loved talking to me too. So I decided to provide the service through this website.

Whatever you want to talk to me about will be done directly through my heart with the help of my experiences and wisdom. You will not be judged in any way because I myself have experienced a lot of things that you might share with me and my life experiences have led me to a state of non-judgment and non-attachment for other people’s unique journey. I focus on solutions, not problems.

You can book a session with me if you:

  • Have negative thought patterns and want to transform them into positive ones.
  • Have a sense of mission but don’t know what it is.
  • Feel stuck in some part of your life and can’t move on.
  • Feel that you are judged for sharing your heart with people.
  • Want to shift to a vegan diet but don’t know how to transition.
  • Can’t move on from a heart-breaking break-up.
  • Are over-weight or have low self-esteem.
  • Are introverted and want to work on your shyness.
  • Are starting to meditate but are clueless/unmotivated.
  • Don’t have anyone to talk to about spirituality.

Please select the available session as well as your available dates. I will get back shortly

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