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    “The self only exists insofar as language grants existence to it.”
    We can only be what we can consciously accept. By expanding our intelligence we expand the limits of what we ourselves are capable of.

  • When I was a kid I frequently experienced bouts of depression. It felt like the world was constantly filled with danger and terror and I could see it in all of those around me. My mom eventually took me to a therapist and, unknown to me at the time, began secretly giving me anti-depressants. It got better and I managed to pull through, but was a…[Read more]

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    Hi Kevin!

    Psychedelics are so important to me and my journey and I have always wanted to try peyote! My first experience with LSD changed me from an atheist to a believer in, whatever it is I believe. I’ve only been on this journey for about a year or two, started yoga seriously 6 months ago and meditation seriously 2 months ago, so your…[Read more]

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    “Salespeople use a seductive language that is formulated to give customers a sense of control while convincing them that the product will complete their ideal conceptions of themselves.”
    -From Jonathon Cullick’s article about Glengarry Glen Ross, a play by David Mamet
    Interesting to note how advertisements and corporations convincing us that inner…[Read more]

    • omg yes this is such an amazing analogy. And now that I think about it and look back, I can notice a pattern of communicative styles of sales-people. Basically if we were content and happy with ourselves we would never need ‘products’ anyway, that is what is their worst nightmare is!

      • I’m in a lit class and I have to read criticle essays about the book and oh my gosh they just keep getting realier. The one I am on right now is talking about how the “American Dream” is fueled by the ideologies of consumerism and capatilism to keep us constantly fighting one another for superiority so that we don’t recognize we are actually being…[Read more]

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    I’ve always put a lot of stock into my dreams. The are meaningful communications from the collective unconscious. Recently they’ve been long, vivid and… alarming isn’t the right word, frantic? When I’m dreaming it feels as though I’m having several dreams at once. Like someone rapidly switching the channel on a TV. It makes them a little…[Read more]

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    90% of humanity?
    • Yes! The sun gives out so much energy everyday that we won’t ever have to rape the earth again for our energy needs. Did you hear that Tesla was assassinated because he wanted to give the whole world free-energy, that’s sad. And yes do your bit and plant as many trees that you can!

    • OMG. Tesla was such a genius and the evil people in power couldn’t stand to have his ideas shared with the world. I’m devastated that Trump has decided to pull out of the Paris Agreement. It’s a step back in a country that is already doing so poorly in conservation.

    • That was a very huge surprise for me too when I heard about it and it makes me wonder if Trump is mentally ill. 🙁

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    I was curious if there was a good crystal website/forum someone could recommend. What I envision is a place where I can have a “collection” to show the crystals I own, to provide easy access when I need to relook up their meanings and energies as well as include my own annotations. And then I could talk with other crystal workers through a…[Read more]

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    Spent the weekend with my family. Talked to my dad about spiritual and social matters for 4 hours one night. I got to put my view of the after life into concise sentences for the first time ever!! <3 Felt awesome to be able to convey my beliefs.

    • It’s the best feeling when you can openly share yourself with the people you care about! 🙂
      What did your dad think about the after life?

      • He listened very intently. Didn’t argue. He’s just glad I believe in something now. Both my parents are Christian but we all agree that we believe in the same thing, just different names.

      • That’s so beautiful, I totally agree that what we believe to be God is something within each of us, just the names and meanings have been skewed. So beautiful to see you guys connecting beyond words and differences.

    • I pull tarot cards with my mom everyday and I feel that we are connected from previous lives.

      • I love tarot, it’s what started me on my path. I wish I had someone, even a friend to share the practice with. You’re really lucky to find that in your mom <3

      • ooh yes tarot cards are an awesome way to connect with the universe why dont you start a youtube channel with weekly readings or something:)

        • Tarot is deeply personal to me. I have never done readings for other people, though I did get a second deck if anyone asks me to do so. I do have a tarot Instagram @trippingontarot if you want to see my stuff there 😛

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  • The OA is great. I heard they may be making a season 2. I’m not to sure how that will work but I hope it will answer some of the questions the season finale leaves.

    I really love Sense8 on Netflix as well! Its concept is similar to astral projection imo

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  • I know of the double slit experiment but only as it is a model to show that light has both wave and particle properties. I would be very interested in hearing/reading more about how this relates to consciousness!!

  • Of course Jatin!
    It’s something I learned in a guided meditation I listened to once. You focus on breathing into a ball of light in the center of your mind and allowing the light to expand with each breath. When I did this mediation it was the first time I ever felt my third eye, and ever since it has become easier for me to describe it as…[Read more]

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  • I’ve been looking for more and more books to expand my understanding. But I feel like there is a lot of self-help spirituality bullshit out there meant to make American house wives feel like they are “enlightened” so I thought we should start a thread just to share what books have genuinely helped us in our light journeys.

    Right now, for me, that…[Read more]

  • To my understanding, Alchemy was practiced as a science only as far as the public eye. Secretly it was a form a spiritual doctrine in a time when anything other than Christianity was persecuted. Turning lead to gold was an analogy for perfecting the Self and finding enlightenment through self discipline and transformation.
    However alchemists were…[Read more]

  • I’ve been trying to get better at meditation too. I try to find 10-20 minutes a day and just try to observe my thought patterns and/or practice “breathing” through my third eye. For observing thought patterns the best analogy/explanation I have encountered is to pick up your thoughts as if they were stones on a trail, examine them, then toss them…[Read more]

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