Everyone in the spiritual community is talking about ascension. When I started learning about spirituality in this life I heard about it too, it sounded like such an uplifting & pure word. But what does it really mean and how can we apply it into out everyday life?

There are a lot of explanations about ascension on the internet, here I’ll be sharing with you what I personally feel about it and what my own unique perspective is. So if you resonate with it that’s great, and if you don’t, that’s great too, just listen to your own inner voice when it comes to things like this and not really to what other people have to say about anything. You yourself know what is best for you in this moment of time.

Ascension for me is the merge of two worlds, the material world and the spiritual world. I believe that we took birth on this planet not to simply move into a higher light from here, but to bring that higher light into this world and anchor those energies into our energy fields and into the energy field of Gaia. It is the conscious choice to engage in the evolution of the planet.

It is the embodiment of the solar cosmic consciousness template in human form. Everything from the Universe, the galaxies, the solar system, the Earth, the Sun & human beings are based on this template of the God/Creator beingness. It is also known as the Cosmic Christ Consciousness or Sananda. Sananda is a sanskrit word that directly translates to joy, it is also the mane given to Goddess Lakshmi. It is important to understand that this consciousness is not a man or a woman, it is an energy which exists in each and everyone of us.

It reunifies the lower consciousness with the multidimensional consciousness within the human body vehicle. When this consciousness is consciously activated, it affects every layer of the human beingness, the physical, emotional, mental, egoic & spiritual structures. They go through an ascending transformational process to meet the level of the higher consciousness.

It is the shift from personal, egoic and selfish needs and desires to desires and aspirations that are for the highest good of humanity & all life in creation. It can be anywhere from a crystal shop, a YouTube channel, poetry, writing, music, photography, art or veganism. Anything that you do to share your gifts with the world & move the people that come in contact with your art into a higher light of consciousness. To know more about ascension, watch the video:


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