The word alchemy comes from Al-Kemet which means from Egypt. I’ve had many dreams and memories of being in ancient Eygpt and I’m sure that I’ve practiced alchemy in many of my past lives.

Alchemy is stated as the mother of chemistry,  it is the perfect unification of matter and spirit, of science and spirituality. In the most common scenario it is thought of as the transformation of a base metal such as lead or charcoal, into a precious metal such as gold or diamond. While that is true, it goes much deeper than that. Alchemy is the process of radically transforming ones consciousness from the quality of lead (mind controlled and brain washed) to a quality of gold (God consciousness, non-judgemental, in the moment, performing miracles).

According to alchemy each and every thing in this Universe contains the three primes of life or the ‘Tria Prima’ which is the Soul (Sulfur), Spirit (Mercury) and Body (Salt). All matter according to alchemy is alive, when an alchemist looks at lead, it is not lead to them but simply a physically and spiritually immature form of gold.

There are seven main steps in Alchemy:

1. Calcination

2. Dissolution

3. Separation

4. Conjunction

5. Fermentation

6. Distillation

7. Coagulation

In the video I explain all of these processes in detail as they relate to soul alchemy and also alchemy on the physical plane.

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