The meditative trance state is a simple and natural state of being, it is the time at which the body goes to sleep. We have five types of brain waves, and these brain waves contribute to our all-round development and well-being and are measured with the help of an electroencephalograph or EEG.

The beta (14-40 Hz) is the waking consciousness, the fully awake mind. The alpha (7.5-14 Hz) is a state of light meditation and daydreaming, it increases imagination and visualization power. The theta (4-7.5 Hz) is deep meditation and light sleep. The alpha-theta border (7-8 Hz) is where the magic happens. This state is known as the trance (REM dream state), it is the gateway to the realm of your subconsciousness. This is when the creative power of the mind starts. Your mind can do anything it pleases. Being conscious in the trance gives you a new outlook towards the universe and your part in it.

While meditating, be open and fearless to the fact that you can experience anything. Strong vibrations in the body, very mild electric shocks, warmth and vibrations at the crown/third-eye/throat/heart/solar/sacral/root chakra, alluring smells, mellow music etc. Just don’t break the meditation and keep calm. The vibrations at the chakras are the pure light entering you, the source energy, receive it. When you feel the warmth of divinity in your body, everything else just disappears and you have an insight. An insight that changes your life, changes the way you have perceived this world till now. It makes you want to do good, be good, and feel good all the time. Nothing in this universe has the power to make you feel gloomy but you.

Here is the basic explanation of the seven major energy spiral points (chakras) of the energy body that we possess. From the bottom to the top:

The Root Chakra: Located at the tip of the triangular bone at the bottom of our spine, it signifies our relationship with mother earth and being in the moment, for opening this chakra let go of all your fears and insecurities.

The Sacral Chakra: This lies slightly below the navel area and signifies the creativity, sexual energy and passion. You need to forgive yourself for all of the guilt and hesitation that is trapped inside you.

The Solar Plexus Chakra: Located in the middle at the top of your abdomen area and signifies positive use of personal power, the self-determination and motivation that we possess. Let go of any instance or situation that has caused you shame.

The Heart Chakra: Located in the middle of your chest, it signifies the love and oneness of all things. Don’t let any kind of grief overpower you and make it difficult for you to give and receive this beautiful medicine.

The Throat Chakra: Located in the middle of the neck signifying our communication and sharing of thoughts. Do not lie as the truth is written in the cosmos.

The Third Eye Chakra: Resides in the centre of the forehead signifying intuition and psychic. Let go of all the illusions.

The Crown Chakra: The top to the head, over the forehead, signifies divine guidance, peace and the universe. Be free of your earthly attachments as this life is a journey and not a destination, fear or hope at this moment decides you future.

As you lie in your bed or sit in the lotus pose and reach the theta brain state your vibrations are high, you can guide the energies inside your body through visualization (Yep, I didn’t believe it either), you have to try it. It makes you feel more in sync with your energy body and realise the power that you possess. The trance that comes after this state is the cherry on top of the cake. It is the borderline of two strong states of being, like an orgasm going through your whole body. While in it, I have felt my whole body flow like ripples that are made at the top of a lake when you throw a stone in it, feeling each and every atom of my body moving in the motion of a wave. I have at most stayed there for 10-15 seconds, although it can be held for hours by experienced yogis. This should be experienced by everyone as holy communications and divine wisdom is received when you go into yourself, as finding yourself from within is finding God.

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