What is pronoia? It is the belief that the whole Universe is conspiring in your favor, for your highest good, growth & evolution.

The first thing to understand here is that everything in existence, you , me, the animals, the trees, the Earth, the Sun & the stars are all connected to each other in such a beautiful way that if can be expressed in poetry and art and explained through science as well. After the acceptance and understanding of this simple fact we come to realize that each and every scenario that plays out in our lives, be it a negative scenario or a positive scenario, is a part of us. And it is up to us if we want to own that part of us or run away from it.

A few years ago,  before my awakening, I did not know about pronoia and I did not know that the Universe was working in my own favor. The negative situations at that time would get me into the vibration of anger, sadness and judgement and the positive scenarios would get me in the scenarios would get me in the vibration of happiness and excitement. This is a very ormal way to react when a human being thinks that the outside world is happening to them, that’s why they are reacting.

Now that I’ve understood that nothing is happening to me, it is happening through me and for me, for facilitating my highest growth, my life has completely changed. It is all an attitude that you have towards life, it is all about what kind of a space you create within yourself for what is happening outside of you.

We literally have just two choices in any given situation. The first is to trust the Universe, find the lessons we have to learn, let go of trying to control the situation, find the silver lining and have faith in the unfolding of this mystery called life. The second choice is to give into fear, to fight the situation, be angry and be all like nothing is working out for me. As conscious co creators on this free will planet, the choice is eternally ours, and that is our power as human beings. Watch the full video:

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