We are all sparks of the same eternal flame of consciousness concentrated into a human form and we experience reality as if we are separate from each other. We all are basically the same consciousness looking at each other from different space/times.

We as conscious individual entities experience a Universe which is a vibrational match to the quality of thoughts and emotions that we give out. Each and every person that you meet and each and every situation that you experience are at the same vibrational frequency that you have shifted to through your thoughts ad emotions, there are no exceptions to this rule, this is science at a quantum level.

Whatever you do to another you’re actually doing to yourself, because in reality there is no another, only you experiencing different experiences from different perspectives. That is why I’m vegan, because I don’t want to kill myself. Since the time I started meditating I’ve started the whole Universe in each and every living being’s eyes and I can never un-see that.

There is no one collective future that all of us have to go through. There are two extremes of Earth futures that are at our disposal right now. One is peaceful and love filled where all your dreams come true, the other is fearful and full of wars and destruction. Both these experiences are valid and whichever experience our soul needs and feels is the best one for the soul’s growth is exactly what we’re going to experience.

So stop blaming your Government or the media or the Illuminati for the problems in your world because you have a choice and you always have a choice to change and shift into whichever reality you feel is the best for you.

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