I was pulled towards creating this video as 3 of my girlfriends had broken up on the same day and I wanted to inspire them to spend some time knowing and understanding themselves better.

At the time I made this video I was single and I had been working on my inner female and male energies since two years. I delved deep into my own consciousness and got my right brain married to my left brain and my brain married to my heart. This inner soul alchemy can be achieved in a human being through meditation, research and simply existing in the ‘unconditional love and acceptance’ vibration. When this is achieved, you are an individual that is whole within himself/herself, and then they attract a relationship with a person that is whole within themselves.


If instead you run off in the direction of a new relationship with another person without balancing your own energies, you will manifest a relationship that is vibrating at your current vibration. Most relationships work on a mutual aspect of give and take, which by the end ends up in one person being the ultimate giver and the other being the taker. Relationships on a human level are designed so that they mirror us and show us the aspects of ourselves that are to be worked on.

So if you’ve recently broken up I would suggest you to take some time, heal yourself, go on a journey of inner discovery and I promise you will manifest a relationship that leads to mutual growth and understanding instead of dependence.

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